The Basics on How to Make Your Hair Fluffy


Let’s face it: we all crave that voluminous, fluffy hair that seems to only exist in shampoo commercials. But what if I told you achieving that dreamy fluff isn’t as elusive as you might think? This guide will enlighten you on the basics of making your hair fluffy and voluminous, making your hair goals very much attainable. 

Buckle up and get ready to transform those limp locks into a fluffy masterpiece. We’ll cover essential things you need to know about how to make your hair fluffy, from choosing the right products to using the proper techniques.

Choose the Right Haircut

Choosing the right haircut is the first step towards achieving that coveted fluffy look. Not all hairstyles are created equal when it comes to fluffiness. If your hair is long and straight, a blunt cut might weigh it down and make it look flat. 

Consider getting a layered or feathered cut. These types of cuts add volume and movement to your hair, making it appear fluffier. You can also opt for a shag cut, which is inherently voluminous and gives off an effortless, fluffy vibe. For those with short hair, try a pixie cut with added texture or a bob with plenty of layers. 

Always consult with your hairstylist about what would work best for your hair type and face shape. Using hair extensions is one secret on how to make your hair thick. To see your options, you can shop tape ins here.

Use the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

The journey to fluffy hair continues in the shower with the use of proper shampoo and conditioner. Avoid heavy, cream-based products that can weigh down your locks. Instead, opt for volumizing shampoos and light, leave-in conditioners. These are designed to add body and bounce to your hair, leaving it feeling light and looking fluffy. 

Also, consider using products that are free from sulfates and silicones, as these can build up over time and leave hair flat and lifeless. A pro tip is to apply conditioner only to the ends of your hair, keeping it away from your scalp.

Blow-Dry Your Hair Upside Down

Blow-drying your hair upside down is a tried and true method for achieving fluffy hair. It’s all about gravity – flipping your head over while drying helps lift your roots, providing that extra volume and fluffiness. Start by towel-drying your hair until it’s damp, then use a heat protectant to guard against potential damage from the blow-dryer. 

Next, flip your hair over and start blow-drying from the roots, moving towards the ends. Use your fingers to tousle your hair while drying for added texture. Once your hair is almost completely dry, flip back up and give your hair a final once-over with the dryer to set everything in place. 

Remember, heat styling can be damaging. Always use the lowest heat setting possible that still allows you to dry your hair effectively. 

Follow These Tips on How to Make Your Hair Fluffy

And there you have it-your complete guide to achieving fluffy and beautiful hair. Remember, it isn’t just about the right cut or the perfect products. It is a combination of these factors, along with the correct blow-drying technique, that gives your hair that desired fluffy look. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find out what works best for your unique hair type and texture. 

So go ahead and give these tips on how to make your hair fluffy a try. Enjoy the bounce and volume of your new fluffy hair. It’s surely an absolute game-changer.

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Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.