Keeping Your Fashion Style Timeless


Looking back 20 years from now would be great if you saw yourself and your first thought was how good your fashion looked. What would make that thought even better is if you could imagine yourself wearing the same outfit today.

Timeless fashion is something that many aspire to obtain but do not consistently achieve. Some people have a natural flare for sophistication in their outfits, but a timeless look can come in any form, such as womens dresses, skirts, and handbags or men’s suits, trousers, and hats.

The trends in fashion-forward cities such as London show us that while fashion does change, many directions return, and others have never left. Below is an explanation of how you can ensure that your personal style remains timeless in an ever-changing world.

Avoid Fast Fashion

Fast fashion has its purposes, but investing a little more into your clothing and wardrobe is a great idea if you want a truly timeless look. Typically there isn’t much in terms of longevity when it comes to fast fashion, and there always seems to be something lacking in the fit.

If you were to look at many of the top fashion brands in London, you might not recognise some of the names. Even though you can go to any department store and find great deals, those clothes are not timeless. These pieces may get you through a few months, but you will eventually want to replace them.

Rather than constantly buying new clothes, look to designers such as BEEN London, Edeline Lee, and Fanfare for timeless, sustainable garments you can easily wear in a few years.

Choose Accessories Carefully

If you’re yearning for a timeless style, loud jewellery, trendy shoes, and statement handbags should all be avoided. What you should do is add several accessories that you can pair with all your outfits.

For instance, investing in a quality handbag is a must, especially if you work or often run errands outside the house. Having a handbag that you can easily pair with jeans, a dress, or even more fancy attire will stand you in good stead.

Black handbags are a perfect way to bring a sense of sophistication to your outfit without taking over too much. Wearing the same jewellery of a better quality will also add a signature style to your personality.

If you often go out with friends or attend work functions in the evening, investing in one or two quality handbags you wear on special occasions would not go amiss either. If they are bought from sustainable and reputable designers, these handbags should last you a lifetime.

Invest in Basics

It is vital to own great basics if you are going to achieve timeless style and have a wardrobe that speaks to your style goals. A foundation of fashion basics allows you to mix, match, and develop outfits without looking outdated or rundown in a year’s time.

Wardrobe flexibility is a crucial component in mastering a more sophisticated look. By investing in quality clothes from designers and pairing them with high-end accessories such as classy jewellery or stylish handbags, you’ll build the core of your wardrobe to ensure its longevity.

Your lifestyle needs are also a big area that will depict your timeless style. If you are an active person, you may want to invest in clothes that can handle a bit of wear and tear.

Understand Your Fit

An outfit that doesn’t fit well and has a poor silhouette is the easiest way to date it. Outfits that fall flat as they have a sloppy outline or are unfit for you will be considered a failure — and definitely not something you’ll want to wear again. There needs to be a balance in your outfit. The popularity of oversized and fitted pieces waxes and wanes, but the best ensembles are well-balanced.

Incorporating two different fit categories to make an outfit feel “right.” Choose loose pants with a wide-leg, paired with a fitted sweater fully tucked in. As well as elevating the style, monochrome helps create a timeless look. We want to avoid outdated outfits from a particular year by using too many oversized or fitted pieces.

Avoid Trends Taking Over

Although most trends usually have origins based on fashion history, they also alter and develop whenever they come back. So, if you desire a wardrobe that will never go out of style, it’s best to confine your investigations to current trends. You’ll end up with a closet full of mismatched pieces if you try too many trends and don’t have experience in your style.

A way to connect a current trend more easily with a classic style is to choose a moderate form of the trend and, ideally, choose a version in a neutral colour. For example, if you’re into the boxy blazer look but are concerned about how long it will last, select tan or black rather than a brightly printed or neon-coloured one. To make this look more timeless, pair it with some elevated basics. You can style a boxy blazer in a trendy way or with a classic approach.


Creating a timeless look will keep you on trend all year, but you should try not to follow trends, as you’ll be dressing in yesterday’s ensembles quicker than you may have thought. A timeless look should be simple with a reinvention of the basics, fitting perfectly to the bumps and curves of your body. Understand your shape and wear something that compliments you the most. Stay timeless, stay classy, stay looking great all year round.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.