6 Types of Dresses – The Secret Behind Every Wear


Although dresses were initially men’s wear, this has changed over time. In the current century, a dress is a typical wear found in women’s wardrobes. The type of dress a woman chooses to wear depends on the occasion, body type, weather, among other factors.

Different types of dresses embrace what a woman’s body holds and minimizing on the inadequacies.Different designs, prints, and fabrics characterize types of dresses. As dresses continue to evolve,significant changes continue to be observed—every year, new style.

Are you ready to dress to the nines for that occasion? Here is a guided list of different types of dresses that rock based on the occasion and your body type.

1.      Off Shoulder Dress

The “Bardot style” dress, commonly known as the off-shoulder dress, exposes your shoulder and either maintain your sleeve or showcases your bicep. Brigitte Bardot, a style icon and an actress, inspired this look, and it has been a trend since then. This is an exquisite look to go for casual, formal, and semi-formal occasions.

2.      Bodycon Dress

The bodycon dress gives a clear picture of your actual shape. It is the perfect dress for that dinner date or that night out. These dresses often stretch, making it possible for many women to fit in regardless of the body size.So if you have that wasplike figure, you better give this a try. You will love it!

3.      Midi Dress

At times you are not quite sure about the event’s formality. In such an instance, this is the to-go-for dress. It lays between being a mini and maxi dress, hence the name “midi.” The dress works for all body shapes. It is not also limited to any sleeve length, and you are not bound to too many dressing restrictions. Looking for that great winter look?This will work for you. Just get your ankle boots on and get going.

4.      Mini Dress

Mini dresses capture people’s attention, and it’s a good way to showoff those legs. The first time the dress appeared in the limelight was when Jean Shrimpton, a model, walked in the Melbourne Cup in 1965, causing the world to stand still. Since then, the trend has continued leading to even more mini dresses. So, if you got those cute legs, it’s your time to let them out.

5.      High-Low Dress

A high-low dress is short at the front and longer at the back. The dress is ideal for a casual look, wedding outfit and works best for ball gowns. However, to avoid dragging the dress, have your platforms or high-heels on. Rock that occasion!

6.      Sweater Dress

A sweater dress is a knitted dress that varies in length and can either befitting or loose. It gives a classy casual vibe. You can choose to rock it with a sneaker or a thigh-high boot. The dress is best worn in winter.

Bottom Line

The dress type to wear varies depending on the current trend, occasion, body type, mood, etc. Always choose a dress that will not only suit your needs but will suit the event. With the many dress choices, there is something for everyone. The ball is onyour side now, don’t just grab a dress, know your body shape and the occasion at hand and kill that look. 

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.