Getting Real – Creative – with the Newest Breakthrough AI-Enhanced Photo Editing App 

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Perfect365 – the  award-winning app that is rumored to be a fave of uber-influencer Kim Kardashian (shhh, you didn’t hear it here) has done it again.

The latest success (you heard the prediction here first) is a photo editing app powered by AI:  the SoREAL AI app is a departure from the usual ‘oh you don’t look good enough’ message implicit in most of the beauty editing offerings, focusing instead on creativity, imagination and options.  Lots of options.

Perfect365’s SoREAL AI®:  Features & Innovations

Here’s a short list of the goodies delivered up by this AI-app powerhouse:

  • AI Effects—magazine, cd cover, neon lights, love, movie posters, golden hour, Mother’s Day, and popular trends.
  • SoREAL AI Avatars—Astronaut, Future Fashion, Street Style, Warrior Princess, Female Cyborg, Hip Hop Cover, Gothic, Tattoo, International Supermodel, Dragon Mother, Retro, Jungle Adventure, Sci-fi, Male Cyborg, Lost Desert, Graffiti, Male Model, Knight, Warrior, Golden Armor, Beefcake and Noble.
  • Filters​—popular, blush and AI recommended filters.
  • Colors​—any color, any subject or background, white balance, saturation, vibrance.
  • Details​—sharpen, fade, vintage, grainy​.
  • Lights—any subject, any background, exposure, shadow, etc.​
  • Background—replace and adjustments.
  • Blur​—focus, direction, intensity, styles, area selection.
  • AI Makeup Looks—from natural to night out with quick adjustments.

Perfect365 is a world leader in photo, video, and augmented reality (AR) tech. To learn more about their latest AI-powered innovation, visit

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.