12 Best Will You Be My Flower Girl Ideas


Flower girls are often between the ages of 3 and 8. They are responsible for scattering flower petals down the aisle before the bride makes her grand entrance. As a token of appreciation for their role, it has become customary to give flower girls a small gift at the end of the ceremony. The goal of flower girl gifts is to show gratitude and create a lasting memory for the young girl who helped make the wedding day even more special. Scroll down for more gift ideas. 

A Flower Girl Dress-up Set with a Tutu and Tiara

A flower girl dress-up set is one of the adorable and fun gifts for a flower girl. The tutu and tiara are perfect for dress-up play, and they can wear these flower girl presents to other special occasions such as birthdays and tea parties. 

A Flower Crown 

Crowns make young girls feel like princesses. They are the perfect flower girl gifts from the bride, and you can customize them to match the wedding’s floral arrangements. Decorators can make these flower girl hair accessories from fresh or silk flowers. 

A Teddy Bear, Stuffed Animal, or Plush Doll 

A teddy bear, stuffed animal, or plush doll is a classic flower girl gift that will bring a smile to any child’s face. You can personalize these cuddly companions with the flower girl’s names or a special message. In stressful or uncertain situations, they can be consoling.

A Flower Girl Charm Bracelet or Necklace

Little girls are often obsessed with accessories, which always make them wear their mother’s jewelry. So, a charm bracelet or necklace is a beautiful and thoughtful gift they can wear long after the wedding day has passed. You can customize these pieces of flower girl jewelry with the flower girl’s name or initials. 

A Personalized Keepsake Box 

A personalized keepsake box is a unique and practical gift that one can use to store cherished items such as jewelry, photos, and trinkets. Keepsake boxes come in several materials like wood, metal, and porcelain. Also, this flower girl proposal box makes a lasting memento. 

A Flower Girl Sash or Belt 

If you are looking for a minimalist gift idea, a flower girl sash or belt is one of the perfect flower girl gift ideas. She can wear this beautiful accessory with her dress. It adds an extra touch of elegance to her outfit. Also, designers can make them with materials like silk, satin, or lace. 

A Custom Flower Girl Art Set and Coloring Book

An art set and coloring book are a fun and creative flower girl gift. It will keep the flower girl entertained during the wedding festivities. You can personalize it with pictures of the bride and groom. Also, add paints, markers, and colored pencils. It will help the girl explore her artistic side. 

A Flower Girl Water Bottle or Tumbler 

A flower girl water bottle or tumbler is practical and useful “Will you be my flower girl gift”. Couples can adorn it with flower or wedding-themed designs. It can also come in several colors and styles. This gift encourages the flower girl to stay hydrated during the wedding festivities. 

A Flower Girl Pillow or Blanket

The flower girl can use this flower girl gift to relax and unwind during the wedding festivities. You can make these pillows or blankets from materials like cotton, fleece, or wool. You can also design it with the child’s favorite cartoon theme. This gift provides comfort and creates a lasting memory of the special day.

A Flower Girl Music Box 

Children love to sing and dance to their kind of music. So, gifting them a music box is thoughtful. It can play a meaningful tune that resonates with the couple or the flower girl. This is one of the flower girl’s presents that the flower girl can display in her room. 

A Flower Girl Apron and Baking Set

A flower girl apron and a baking set are fun and interactive “Will you be my flower girl gift” that encourages the flower girl to explore her culinary skills. The set can include baking tools such as measuring cups, spoons, cookie cutters, and a rolling pin. This gift provides a fun activity for the flower girl to enjoy during the wedding festivities. 

A Flower Girl Hair Accessory Set 

A flower girl’s hair accessory set can include clips, hats, headbands, and hair ties in her favorite colors. This flower girl jewelry encourages the flower girl to express herself and be confident in her beauty. It also adds an extra touch of elegance to her outfit. 

With the right choice of flower girl gifts, you can make your flower girl feel appreciated and valued. If you are looking for a flower girl gift, consider the child’s age, personality, and interests to make the gift more personalized and meaningful. Also, consider a gift that can be used beyond the wedding day.

Author: Svitlana Yefimets

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