7 Things You Need to Know Before Your Trip to Argentina


Argentina is undoubtedly one of the most interesting countries in South America. The homeland of tango, football talent factory, and the place with the best quality beef in the world, can surprise you in many fields. Due to the climatic diversity of Argentina, you can experience many extremely different landscapes.


Imagine starting your week with Aconcagua mountaineering, and finishing it with surfing lesson in Mar del Plata. Exploring the land of Argentina is like visiting a few different countries. Every country has its own customs. Keep it in mind while planning to travel abroad. There are always some essentials which can help you avoid unnecessary troubles.


Here you can find 7 important tips that will help to make your trip a memorable experience you will remember for years.


Argentina is huge!


It’s one of the biggest countries in South America with 2.78 million km2 to be exact. Keep it in mind if you have a tight schedule. Some of the top-notch attractions can be far apart from each other for hundreds of kilometres. On the other hand, it empowers you with plenty of great choices. You can go north and visit the great Iguazu Falls and the real piece of art – Salta and Jujuy, and their colourful rock formations. You can also visit the southern end of the world called Ushuaia – the capital of Land of Fire (Tierra del Fuego). You have many many options, take your time and pick the places you like the most.


Make sure you saved enough money


While preparing your daily budget plan, better keep in mind two important things: the first one – Argentina is expensive, second – there are always some extra expenses you won’t pay attention to before they happen, so do not underestimate your spendings. Costs rise constantly due to inflation, so even though you have done some economic research, you might be unpleasantly surprised by the cost of things after getting there. Take more money with you and get ready to spend it all.


Avoid using cards


Even though the cashless payments are getting more and more popular, in Argentina the time has stopped for credit cards evolution. In most of the places not having cash can cause you many troubles. Even basic restaurant chains and globally recognized spots like KFC do not have terminals. The currency is the Peso Argentino. Before exchanging money, you need to take into account that they have two dollar rates: an official one, and a blue one. Take physical euros/ dollars with you and pick the daily best offer to exchange the money.


Use public transport


In Argentina, the public transport is cheap and mostly accessible everywhere, at least in Buenos Aires. You can move around with helpful applications that can show you your current location and the destination you are heading to. When you want to travel further, it is always good to check the rules of transport companies. Some of them do not accept online ticket screenshots, which means you have to print your ticket. Public transport is also the safest way to travel around the country.


Taxi by night


People in Argentina are considered as super friendly and helpful. In most cases, it’s true but there is no need to risk, right? Buenos Aires is announced as one of the most dangerous bigger cities, and an innocent tourist is an easy target for many criminals. Make sure to point that tip while preparing your daily budget. It’s much batter for you to get a cab during the night that can drive you safely home.



 Fell in love with Buenos Aires


Bustling streets during the night, international spirit, live tango shows, great quality wine, outstanding music and beautiful people – that’s the smell of Buenos Aires. The city is called the capital of South America for a reason. If you want to feel the real vibe of Argentina, you need to stop in the city with the greatest culture and history and breath it in.


You might show up too early but you are never too late


It’s essential to know that Argentines like to take their time. If you are dreaming of the 7 am a morning coffee, you will probably have to make it yourself. They usually don’t open till 10 am in the morning. Same situation you may notice later during the day. People in Latin America do not have dinners like Europeans. They start to eat around 9-10 pm and then they hit the bars around midnight. It’s quite normal for them to finish the party in the early morning assuming how late they go out. Important tip! Try to fit in if you don’t want to get annoyed all the time.


The bottom line


Hopefully, you will find our little guide useful while preparing your trip. Argentina is the country filled with breath-catching lands, intriguing animals and plants, a unique spirit, and beautiful people. Prepare yourself well to the journey, and experience the world’s greatest place to be. We truly believe you will fall in love with Argentina and come back as a different person.


Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.