New York Luxury Real Estate Broker Jared Seligman Chooses Award-Winning Wedding Planner Fête


DIY may be dandy when you’re refinishing a credenza, but when it comes to the most important day of your life, it’s smart to engage the best professionals to create a flawless experience. And when you’re dealing day in and day out with some of the most magnificent, exclusive properties in Manhattan, like real estate broker Jared Seligman does, you’re bound to have high expectations for your wedding day.

Seligman and his intended, investment banker Max Schapiro, originally planned a small, intimate affair. But as the guest list — and expectations — ballooned, they realized they needed a capable captain to steer their ceremonial ship.

As Seligman explained in The American Reporter, “I knew that a key point of selecting a wedding planner was getting my partner equally as excited and trusting in this person as I was, and he had to believe that I trusted this team. When you’re paying someone that much money, you don’t want to be micromanaging them.”

Fête: A Match Made in Heaven

After much searching, the pair decided on Fête, an award-winning, full-service event-planning firm with a stellar reputation. Seligman emphasized that the process wasn’t easy, joking that “it was the longest process of my life” and that “picking a potential mate, and then the wedding planner — I would say they were each as time-consuming.”

But Fête’s track record spoke for itself. Who wouldn’t want a company that not only designed the first state dinner at the Biden-Harris White House, but was also featured in Vogue, The New York Times, Brides, Vanity Fair, and Harper’s Bazaar? Seligman gushed over Fête, speaking to the firm’s unique approach and passion for stunning event design. “Fête is run by a woman named Jung Lee, who’s a Korean immigrant,” he said. “She and her team have been incredibly amazing to work with.”

Fête ultimately made the cut due to its ability to customize the look of each wedding — and making sure the emphasis was on the happy couple. “I love the fact that each one of the wedding photos wasn’t stamped with a big picture of the design team on it. It was really a unique individual experience that just showed the taste, style, and aesthetic of each couple,” Seligman explained.

Planning Through a Pandemic

Jared Seligman is no stranger to the challenges brought on by the pandemic. He’s a licensed associate broker for The Corcoran Group in New York and one of the top-producing real estate brokers in both Manhattan and across the United States in a sector that certainly felt the COVID-19 impact over the past few years. He specializes in the sales, acquisition, and new development of luxury and architecturally unique properties and also does business in New York’s Hamptons and South Florida.

Rather than lock themselves away during lockdowns, Seligman and Schapiro focused on renovating their Southampton, New York, home — a project that has sorely tested many marriages throughout time. Seligman told the Reporter, “We’ve lived together for almost six years now, and in that time, we bought a home together and survived a renovation together all during COVID. Doing it all makes this wedding feel like more of an easier situation.”

Written by Megan Taylor
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