9 Tips for Staying Safe and Secure When Betting Online


Online gaming has never been more popular than it is now. Individuals from around the world are turning to it to make themselves some money on the side. Unfortunately, it is not just popular with gamers; it is also popular with cybercriminals. The vast majority of internet bettors do not take measures to protect themselves from criminals online, usually out of ignorance rather than wilful and deliberate carelessness.

Just because you are not experienced in online security does not mean you cannot still effectively protect yourself. Here are nine steps you need to take:

New Sites

A website’s age is not usually something people take into consideration when they are deciding whether or not to sign up for it. From a security standpoint, new sites are much riskier than older ones. That being said, using new betting sites can actually be a more effective way of turning a profit. Generally speaking, new sites offer more favourable bonuses than older ones do. Some do not even require you to connect a bank account or debit card to them in order to access their bonuses. Take precautions and read a site’s reviews before using it, no matter how old it is.

Set Limits

Set spending limits before you start playing. Most casinos will let you set your limits. Avoid websites that do not give you the ability to do this. You should never spend more than you can afford to lose. Gambling can become very addictive. Unchecked spending could lead you to financial ruin. In addition to setting your limits digitally, work out a sum you are comfortable losing before you play. When setting limits, set a reasonable amount. If you set your limits too low then you will probably end up finding another site to use.  

Walk Away

One of the most important rules for you to follow as a gamer is to never chase losses.  Chasing your losses will only end in tears. It tends to be amateur gamblers and addicts that chase their losses the most. When you are on a losing streak it is important to step back and get a hold of yourself. There is a service called GAMSTOP that you can use to restrict your online gaming activities. If you get carried away and are unable to control yourself, then consider signing up for GAMSTOP’s service. It is free and covers thousands of casinos.


VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are programs used to conceal people’s IP addresses and online identities. Hackers regularly use people’s IP addresses to track them down and steal their information. You can prevent this from happening by signing up for a VPN. It does need to be noted that there are a whole host of VPNs available to use online. You need to conduct research and find the one that is best for you and meets your budget, as some are more expensive than others. You also need to download anti-virus software on your computer to deter hack attempts.

Time Sessions

Limit the amount of time that you gamble every day. Studies show that people who use computers and mobile devices for excessive amounts of time are more likely to develop mental health problems. Gambling can be very addictive as it is. When you combine it with a mobile phone or computer use, you can end up developing a real problem. Experts say that adults should use mobile devices and computers for no more than a few hours a day. When working out how much time you have to devote to gambling, factor in checking emails and other online activities.

Understand Emotions

Your emotions will play a very significant role in how you perform as a gambler. When you are depressed, anxious, or angry you are more likely to make decisions you ordinarily wouldn’t. Your emotions need to be under control every time you log onto your chosen casino. It should be mentioned, those prone to depression and anxiety are best to stay away from gambling. Individuals who have pre-existing mental health problems are more likely to drift into addiction. Losing all of your money on an online casino is not good when you are already suffering from mental health issues, after all.


Intoxicated Gambling

Using online casinos when you are drunk or high can lead to heavy losses. While it can be tempting to gamble when you are intoxicated, you need to control yourself. Unless you are a master of self-control, however, intoxicants will likely get the better of you and make you want to gamble. Setting your limits can help to prevent you from losing money when these kinds of things happen. If you know that you are going to be drinking or doing drugs, lock your account. Casinos give users the option to temporarily lock their accounts.

Reading Reviews

Going back to online security, a website’s reviews will tell you a lot about it. Mention does need to be made of the fact that businesses are known to buy fake reviews. Identifying and avoiding such reviews can be extremely difficult. As a general rule, you should never trust on-site reviews. Why would a website want to post negative reviews on its own site, after all? Reviews posted on-site are, therefore, nearly always biased. Google and Trust Pilot take great care to ensure that the reviews published on their platforms are genuine and unbiased. You can also learn about gaming sites by signing up for forums and asking experienced users for advice.

Have Breaks

Every few days, take a break. Excessive amounts of gambling can be very bad for your mental health. It also needs to be noted that when you are using the internet for long periods of time you are more likely to make mistakes relating to your online security. The more mistakes you make, the more likely it is that you will be identified by a cybercriminal or hacker. On an unrelated note, always be on the lookout for casino bonuses. Casino bonuses can be great for making easy cash. 

Protecting yourself from cybercriminals shouldn’t be your only concern. You also need to protect yourself from you. A gambler’s worst enemy is themselves. Limit the amount of time that you play each day, only ever use reliable sites, and if you feel as though you are losing control enable a service like GAMSTOP.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.