Red Wings Shoes – The Perfect Blend of Utility & Style Through The Years


If you’re a boot enthusiast – your wardrobe is incomplete without the addition of the classic Red Wings Boots. These work boots have been around for more than a century, and they represent the changes in American history with the way their style and usage have seen a shift throughout the years.

In this article, we will look at how work boots have changed over the years and how the old and new Red Wings boots have slowly become hipster favorites across the USA and the globe.

The History and Origin of Work Boots

Work boots became a thing in the US as Red Wings was founded by an open shoe seller and smart businessman Charles Beckman in 1905. These cheap work boots were mainly created for the farmers, hunters, carpenters, and factory workers that spent their days outside and often in harsh weather conditions like winter and rain. Later on, the very same boots were worn by the men in trenches during WWII.

What set these work shoes apart was the seamless attention to detail and the use of the finest leather by a leading tannery, SB Foot Tannery. From there onwards, these boots became the go-to for craftsmen, workers, farmers, hunters, and the like across the country.

What is the Moc Toe Boot and Why Is It Popular?

Throughout the years, Red Wings has launched many types and brands of Red Wing boot,but one stands out till date. The moc toe boot  looks very similar to an Oxford shoe. It has a leather top over the foot that allows extra room for the toes to move around easily. The shoe has eyes on each side for the laces.

The moc toe boot is a cult favorite for many reasons:

  • They are super comfortable to wear
  • They are versatile, you can wear them at work and on a casual day out
  • They pair very well with winter clothing like jeans and layered shirts
  • They are extremely durable and flexible
  • They are practical

There are many Red Wings online retailers that are selling the most latest designs of the moc toe boot and other designs including the more laid back lifestyle suited heritage range. You can explore the range of Red Wings shoe collection here.

The Process Behind a High Quality Work Boot

So, what goes into creating some of the most sought-after work boots in America? Sheer dedication and attention to detail have to be at the top of this list, but that’s not it. The process begins with the highest quality leather.

The leather used in these boots is their heart and sole. Although it takes a good amount of time to break in and soften, when it does, it is a crucial element that adds to these shoes’ durability.

The leather is put through thirty steps involving tanning, cutting, rolling, and fitting before it is sent ahead for adjusting to more than hundreds of designs and sizes. Apart from the leather, what sets these shoes apart is their soles.

The Lug sole and the Traction Tred soles are both one of a kind that provides good traction and grip while ensuring a comfortable wearing experience for all day and regular usage.

A Snapshot of Iconic Red Wings Boots

Now that we have walked through what makes these work boots a strong contender in the boot market, let’s take a glance at some of the most iconic Red Wings boots for sale online:

The Classic Moc Toe 875

We’ve explored the moc toe boot above as well, but it merits a place on this list. It is the perfect entry-level boot that is great for the outdoors yet stylish enough to be paired with a casual outfit. It was created to be comfortable with its Traction Tread sole and a cork filling between the outsole and insole that ages to be more comfortable.

The Iron Ranger 8111

The Rangerwas developed for iron miners in the 1930s. Naturally, it had to be a boot that was super comfortable and durable due to the conditions they were being developed for. The leather on these boots is water and scuff resistant and is pretty low maintenance. This is one of the oldest and most protective Red Wings boots for sale.

The Moc 1907

The Classic Moc Toe 1907 is different from the 875 due to the oil and waxed nubuck leather. It is more durable than the original Legacy leather from SB Tannery. The Oro leather of the Moc 1907 absorbs oil and it ages into a beautiful boot as the months pass.


Red Wings boots are some of the oldest and most durable work and lifestyle boots out there. These are timeless pieces that can be invested in. The pure leather used to create these boots ages to be better and better with time. These shoes are equally wearable at work and for a day outdoors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Where Were the Steel Toe Boots Invented?

Steel toe boots were first invented in Germany. They were created for workers but their shoes for marchers also started creating boots with them too. At the same time, Red Wings in the USA started creating boots with steel toes for iron mine workers in the US.

2.   Are Work Boots Important?

Work boots are designed to protect your feet from harm at the workplace including cuts, burns, and injuries. These are essential for your safety if you work in a hazardous environment.

3.   How Much Weight Can a Moc Toe Boot Sustain?

A moc toe is designed as a work boot and their primary function is to provide safety to the feet. They can withstand up to 2,500 pounds of weight. That’s roughly over one metric ton.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.