How To Look Stylish In A Basic T-Shirt


A woman should own several clothing staples to sustain several numbers of outfits. These essentials are usually worn by mixing and matching them to create diverse looks. Often, such basic items aren’t controlled by trends, and one must-have staple you need to own is a basic t-shirt.  

Basic t-shirts are flexible and versatile to wear in whatever color you prefer. They can be matched with different bottoms or paired with any coat or jacket. They’re the non-frill casual clothes to wear for a quick errand day, a time out with friends, or a romantic movie date with your partner.   

Despite its simplistic design, a basic t-shirt can be modified and worn in different ways that aren’t short of being stylish. To begin with, discover some ways below:  

1. Accessorize With Jewelry  

There are many secrets for women to look great on shirts. If this is your favorite garment in your wardrobe, you’ll rightfully agree. For this item on the list, you need some statement pieces of jewelry to elevate your plain shirt outfit. And your basic tee look can be transformed with statement jewelry.   

It is often hard to wear basic T-shirts anywhere other than the grocery store because they seem too boring. If you’re feeling stylish yet want to dress down, you should rely on accessories to do their thing. Take some beautiful and creative necklaces and bracelets from your drawers and wear them with your basic tee. You’ll eventually realize how this trick works all the time.   

However, the key here is to ensure that your accessories perfectly match your shirt’s neckline. For instance, you should go for chokers or shorter lengths of the necklace when your basic shirt has a lower neckline. Go for longer ones if you’re wearing turtle-neck shirts.  

2. Tie The Edges Into A Knot  

Many ladies love to experiment with their basic tees by tying the knot. And tying the edges of your tee can make all the difference; you should try it and see for yourself. If you fancy checking out vlogs and videos from influencers online, you’ll learn the best way to tie your shirt into a knot.   

Try to practice with a loose shirt a few times, and check which knot style is best for your look or outfit. Wear jeans or shorts to complete your simple but stylish basic tee outfit. And finish the look by slipping on your favorite white sneakers.     

3. Wear It With Blazer And Matching Pants  

One surprising thing about t-shirts is that you can pull off formal or work attire by using them as your inner shirt. Secure a blazer and coordinate pants, and wear a basic tee underneath. There’s a lot of relevance in ensuring that the color palette of your professional outfit complements each other.   

If you want a safer look, choose neutral colors for your blazer and pants. Chances are, they can even be interchanged and paired with each other. When choosing the ideal shirt for this look, ensure the neckline is not too low. Thus, there are best suits for women that can instantly make them appear professional and stylish.     

4. Go For An Oversized Shirt  

Large sizes of shirts that were fashionable and trending back in the 90s are making a comeback this year. When choosing a basic shirt, try to go for an oversized one. To your surprise, they’re versatile and can easily be experimented with to come up with different looks. The oversized tee is generally more fashionable, unique, and scene-stealing than average tees.  

The secret to pulling off an oversized tee is to pair it with the right bottoms. For this, your choices will be fitted leggings, tattered shorts, or boyfriend jeans. You can play it out by tucking the shirt in or halfway through. Or you can simply rock that loose look, feeling comfortable and chic at the same time. Many Gen Z-ers loved this outfit idea most recently.  

5. Tuck It In  

Make a trendier outfit by wearing a high-waisted skirt, jeans, or wide-leg pants and tucking your tee in. This is a classic and timeless fashionable way of wearing a basic t-shirt. Whether you go for a plain one or a textured T-shirt, nothing screams fashion than tucking it in and wearing some high heels to elevate your long legs. Another option for this look is to wear a belt that goes well with your pants or shorts.  

6. Layer It With A Lace Tankini  

Lace tankinis are usually worn as lingerie, exclusive to wear in your bedroom. However, thanks to plain shirts, you can wear them outside too. Wear your favorite lace tankini lingerie on a white shirt, pair it with a maxi skirt or denim jeans, and you’re out and about. It’s the most stylish way to elevate the style of a basic t-shirt.   


There you have it; these are some of the easiest ways to style and enhance your t-shirt outfits. There are even more playful ways to do so. Hopefully, you can try out these ideas and look fabulous wearing a basic t-shirt.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.