5 TikTok Nail Hacks to Boost Your DIY Manicure Game


The weird and interesting world of TikTok is on a mission!

For the ones who don’t already know, TikTok is an app that is very popular for people of all ages, where you can make and share short videos for your followers. 

Yes, the sea of content can be questionable, but its quick tips and hacks content, especially beauty hacks, is growing rapidly to dominate this space. 

And we are here to share some of the tried and tested TikTok nail hacks that have gone viral for the right reasons. 

DIY TikTok Nail Hacks

We live in a fast-paced world right now. We no longer have the time to sit in a nail salon for hours to get our nails done, as much as we’d love to! Just think of the ten other things you should be doing instead. 

Getting your nails done is a priority for many of us, but the hassle of scheduling an appointment can often get in the way. This is a huge problem for office go-ers.

Here is a solution for that. Have you seen some of the DIY TikTok nail hacks flooding the Internet that some influencers are swearing by?

Nail art is winning hearts at the moment. Every celebrity, social media influencer, and content creator is sporting fancy nails, which leaves us “normal people” with no other choice but to dabble in the trend of nail art.    

One of those trendy tips is the French manicure hack that can be done in five minutes or less; and it looks quite promising, to be honest. Then there are some clever hacks on removing acrylic ombre nails without damaging the surface of your nails as well. Impressive, right?

You are not spending enough time on social if you haven’t come across one of these videos yet—you clearly have no FOMO!

We are here to ensure that you are in the loop with the top five TikTok-inspired nail hacks that you can create at home, the DIY way! Don’t be concerned if you are like us, with absolutely no artistic skills or steady hands to pull this off. These hacks are unsteady-hands friendly!

Some genius TikTokers who are nail art enthusiasts have figured out a way to make the process extremely simple. Let’s learn how.

1. French Manicure Hack

This is a brilliant hack. We enjoyed watching it a few times (back to back) to understand how it works. The bold white French manicure has been in style forever. For some reason, many of us keep running back to this simple, neat, elegant finish. 

One viral TikToker created a video on applying a coat of white varnish to the tip of her thumb before dabbing and rolling the ends of her fingernails into her thumb. It was like witnessing magic for most nail fanatics. 

This content was recreated many times later on, and you will actually see how the soft thumb pad perfectly covers the whole end of your nails, giving you a perfect finish. 

After watching this video, the prerequisite of having steady hands for a mess-free French manicure doesn’t make sense. 

Perhaps you could try creating your own TikTok video with reverse French nails! Not a bad idea, right?

2. Perfect Nail Polish Hack

Using your non-dominant hand to paint your nails is harder than you think if you haven’t tried it already! Ever noticed one hand looks prettier than the other one after putting on polish? 

There is a hack that shows you how to use petroleum jelly around your nails before you apply the first coat of nail polish. It works wonders. Simply use a cotton swab or a Q-tip to clean off the excess paint around the outside. 

Various TikTok influencers have demonstrated this hack, and trust us, it’s a time saver. Nothing better than freshly painted nails with no residue. Genius, right? 

3. Acrylic Nail Removal Hack

Acrylic nail art is absolutely gorgeous. Fashion lovers are crazy about creating iconic designs with acrylic nails, but the fact that you have to return to the nail salon to remove them is not so convenient. 

This is probably one reason why solutions to remove acrylic nails at home started popping up on the Internet. There had to be a solution that didn’t empty your pocket.

Anyone who has tried pulling or peeling them off knows how painful it can be. Some may have even ended up removing their nail bed by attempting to take off the acrylics. Ouch!

This hack is a life-saver, although nail salon owners will probably disagree. After all, they will be losing business if their clients no longer have to pay them to remove their acrylic nails since this TikTok video came out! 

All you need to do is soak your acrylic nails in warm, soapy water with a few drops of argan oil. This melts and dissolves the nail glue. It’s an easy, affordable, and painless solution. The mastermind behind this hack surely deserves an award. 

4. Newspaper Nails Hack

This is a cool nail art idea that is trending. It shows you an easy trick to create abstract nail art in three simple steps. 

The first step is to pick a base color. Put on one or two coats. Allow time for it to dry completely. After you have made sure that it’s thoroughly dried, use a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover to clean the edges of your nail tips. 

Before you apply the next color, cut some tiny pieces out of a newspaper. Pour some rubbing alcohol into a jar and use tweezers to dip the newspaper pieces into it one by one. Gently place them on each nail and leave them on for thirty seconds.

Then carefully peel the newspaper pieces off. You’ll notice that you have been able to transfer the newspaper writing on your nails. How creative is this idea?

5. Jelly Nail Hack

The TikToker who invented this hack is the master of nail art. Ever heard of jelly nails? No, they are not nail-shaped jelly that you can eat. They are nails that have a jelly texture and look like jelly. 

This clever TikToker explained that you can make this by mixing clear nail polish (top or base coat) with added color. It leaves you with a translucent, jelly-like finish. In fact, many nail salons have incorporated this technique to make trendy nail art.  


TikTok is now being used by 1 billion people as of September 2021, and it is continuing to grow every day, with 650,00 new users on average. Among all these great videos, TikTok has definitely immersed itself in nail hacks. 

While you are trying your hands with one of these trendy nail hacks, make sure to use the right hashtag to celebrate your nails. And remember, there’s no problem that cool nails can’t fix! 

So, when in doubt about how to do your nails, turn to TikTok nail hacks to boost your DIY manicure game!

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.