Bridesmaid Dress Trends for 2022 and Beyond!


This year, all year long, it’s time to celebrate wedding season! What was generally a time saved for the warm weather has extended into a full-year celebration after two years of weddings being postponed due to the COVID pandemic. People are finally able to meet up again in person, celebrate long-awaited occasions, and enjoy being surrounded by their loved ones once more. Wedding venues are booked out left and right as couple after couple finally gets to say, “I do. Because of all the changes in the bridal world, the bridesmaid dress trends are a bit different this year. We’re here to discuss the current bridesmaid dress trends and the direction we see them going in for the foreseeable future.

Go Big or Go Home

While bridesmaid dresses can still never outshine the bride’s wedding dress, the real star of the show, the trends for bridesmaids dresses this year are still much more vibrant and big than they have been in the past. Colorful dresses, exciting new cuts and designs, and non-traditional dresses are stepping into the spotlight. After all, people are looking to make a statement after being stuck at home for years. So, when picking out plus size bridesmaid dresses this year, look for a dress that makes a statement either by its color, its cut, or its overall design. One of these elements should be eye-catching. To avoid going too big, however, avoid dresses that have all three elements. It’s okay to have a bright color on a unique design or a subdued color on a daring cut but mixing all of these elements together might be too much and could potentially draw attention away from the bride.

Just be Yourself

Thankfully, we are finally living in a time in the fashion world where it is trendy to just be yourself- whatever your size, shape, or features may be. There’s finally an emphasis on loving being who you were naturally born to be. So, stop trying to lose weight or over workout in an attempt to look good for your best friend’s wedding. Instead, celebrate your natural beauty. If you have freckles, emphasize them! If you’re a plus-size goddess, embrace it, and shine in one of the many beautiful plus size bridesmaid dresses that exist out there. You should always feel confident feeling beautifully and simply yourself.

Whimsical, Light Elements

Whimsical, fairy-liked dresses are in with their lacey details and soft, flowing fabrics. The breezier the fabric, the more in-style it is. Think about picking a bridesmaid dress that flows in a nice breeze, is breathable, and is covered in soft, feminine details. From summer even into fall, people are looking for whimsical elements to add to their wedding, and the bridesmaid dresses are a great way to add that.

Change it Up

If you’re not too keen on brighter colors or whimsical looks, try changing the shape of the bridesmaid dresses entirely for your wedding. This year, bridesmaid JUMPSUITS are in! You heard right. People want to be daring, so they are ditching the traditional bridesmaid dresses all together in favor of chic, formal jumpsuits for their bridesmaids. If jumpsuits aren’t exactly your thing, think about trying chic slip dresses instead. Slip dresses are in, daring, and they most definitely make a statement.

All in all, bridesmaid dresses are revolutionizing as we speak. People have been stuck away from each other for too long, and in turn, we’re looking for bridesmaid dresses that really stand out and make a statement, just not as much of a statement as the bridal gown. Think about playing with new, exciting colors, the cut of the bridesmaids gowns, or the design, itself. Think about picking a jumpsuit or slip dress if you really want to be relevant to current trends or choose whimsical, light gowns that are both fun and flowing. But most importantly, for your wedding day, it’s all about you! Whatever you say goes! So, be sure to pick your favorite style, even if it’s not been acknowledged by the current trend.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.