A Guide to Trending Eyewear Styles


Glasses are an essential accessory for your fashion and style. And when it comes to eyewear, there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all. Different shaped eyeglasses can show off different parts of your personality. So, when you are choosing a pair of glasses for yourself, it can bring your look to another level. Continue reading to see some of the hottest trends in eyewear that are available at JCPenney Optical.  

Squared is back. Again-more than just a statement for the ultra-fashionable, oversized retro style glasses are some of the most popular frame’s trending. These oversized frames have a bold vintage and modern style, making them the perfect choice for expressing your own individuality. You look unlike anyone else walking down the street and you’ll stand out in almost any crowd. 

Tortoise is cool-Those who want to express their energetic personality need not think twice, because expressive tortoise designs have been re-interpreted and refined with an extra dose of sophistication and fun. With iridescent patterns, striking frames – these are the ultimate showstoppers to put on your face. You’ll feel as cool as you’ll look, and you’ll be the envy of everyone who sees you wearing them. 

Thin is in-Ultra-fine designs like these draw their inspiration from all sorts of elements. These minimalistic metal frames are versatile, they express the stylish, unpretentious you and is the perfect thing for those who love to experiment with different looks and styles. Sounds cool? They are!

The colors of Champagne-If you are looking for, or prefer a bit more of a subtle look, sparkling champagne tones can be a great choice for you. These frames are anything but inconspicuous, of course. And these eye-catching colors will draw attention to the face in a very complimentary manner. Made with transparent acetate frames, they flatter tan complexions and make great additions to any summer styling without shining the limelight on you too much. 

Be Bold- With striking angular frames you’ll head into any season looking bold and confident. These fresh new looks are simply captivating, and we can’t resist wearing them all day long. All models are extremely expressive and breathe that Californian vibe we all know and love.

Think Pink. Eccentric and dazzling these frames are taking over festivals everywhere with these bright pink shades. They offer a more futuristic style to show just how simple and fun eyewear can be to wear. These light, often candy-colored pieces will make you happy and are guaranteed to get people looking your way. 

Small eyes? No problem.

If you happen to have eyesight problems such as farsightedness, nearsightedness, or astigmatism, you’ll probably need to wear prescription eyeglasses to correct your eyesight. But choosing the right pair of eyeglasses will not only correct your vision, but also increase your style and look. That said, if you have small eyes, how do you choose glasses? If you do not know, a JCPenney Optical expert can help you and walk you through all the great options they have. But here is a quick guide…. to choose prescription eyeglasses for smaller eyes, you need to check how far away your eyes are from the lenses. The lens should not be pressed up against your eyes because this would affect your eyes appearing off or unusual when wearing frames.

Your eyes will probably look much better if they are centered as much as possible in each lens. This can make your eyes appear a bit larger, especially if you are nearsighted, by making your eyes more of the focal point of your face. Luckily, JCPenney Optical has frames for all shapes and sizes of eyes and faces. And we offer the widest selection of frames and lenses to match any style. 

Come in to a JCPenney Optical today and we’ll help you find the right style, shape, and frame. JCPenney Optical is a place where function meets fashion. Your eyewear should really reflect your unique personality, and we know that means having a variety of choices that are as unique, interesting, and fun as you are. Shop the largest selection of high fashion, affordable eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses, and eyewear for men, women, and kids.

At JCPenney Optical, we make every effort to make our frames and lenses as affordable as possible. JCPenney Optical accepts thousands of vision insurance plans that typically cover an annual eye exam. We also accept health spending accounts or your JCPenney credit card as a method of payment, giving you as many options to cover the cost as possible. And you’ll get 50% off a complete pair of eyeglasses at any JCPenney Optical. Or you can get two pairs of single vision glasses for $69 or two pairs of progressive eyeglasses for just $169. Visit us online to find the nearest location to you. 

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.