How to Dress Well For Summer: 6 Summer Fashion Tips That Will Leave You Looking Great and Sheltered From Heat


As much as summer is associated with good feelings due to the presence of more sunlight and better weather, it can be a tricky season to dress for. 

This is because you have to look good and shelter yourself from heat and humidity.

Would you love to look your best during the season? Here are valuable tips to consider:

Wear light-colored clothes

Light-colored clothing not only reflects light, leaving you comfortable, but it also looks softer and cooler.

Besides the outfit’s color, consider the material used in making it. To be cool and comfortable, go for outfits with an open weave that allows heat to escape the body. Some of the best materials to go with are linen and cotton.

You also should go for lighter shades such as peach, white, yellow, and other pastel shades that will reflect more light than they retain.

Avoid tight clothing

As much as tight clothes accentuate your body, making you feel attractive, they aren’t the right fit for the summer months. This is because they prevent effective air circulation, making you uncomfortable and preventing you from enjoying the best times of the year.

When you wear tight-fitting outfits, the prolonged contact of the fabric with the skin increases the chances of infections due to sweating.

This is how it works. The summer heat causes the blood vessels to dilate so that heat can escape through the skin. When you wear tight-fitting outfits, the skin can’t lose the excess heat, which makes you uncomfortable.

To avoid this, always wear loose, flowy outfits that will keep you cooler by allowing the skin to breathe better and your blood to circulate freely.

Some of the excellent outfits to wear include: wide-leg pants, oversize blouses, loose shirts, dresses, and skirts.

Wear sleeveless or loose sleeves

To enjoy the summer months, you need to have as much airflow as possible. You don’t have to go fully strapless, but you can consider sleeveless camis, puff sleeves, or off-shoulder blouses. Short sleeve button-ups are another great option.

If you are uncomfortable strutting around in a sleeveless outfit, you can always style it, and there are plenty of ways to do it.

When styling the outfit, go for sheer fabrics. These fabrics will give you the added layer without adding more heat, not to mention making you look ultra stylish.

You can also drape your layer over your shoulder, allowing the breeze to flow around you as you walk. Draping the layer over your shoulders also makes it easy to remove the layer when removal time comes.

You can always layer your outfit underneath if you are the conservative type. Add a tee or a button-down underneath your sleeveless to transform your outfit.

Upgrade your athleisure

Most athleisure outfits are made from moisture-wicking technical fabrics, so you aren’t too uncomfortable or at the risk of suffering from infections as a result of excessive sweating. Unfortunately, they are often tight-fitting or of the wrong color, which might hinder you from enjoying your summer months.

For you to have the time of your life, you should upgrade your athleisure, and the beauty is there are plenty of ways to do it.

As much as black leggings are beautiful and provide you with the cover you are looking for, they might be too hot for the summer months. 

You can swap the black leggings with lighter colors that won’t be too hot but if you don’t like these colors or your lifestyle doesn’t allow it, go for super lightweight leggings.

Oversized tee-shirts are great for summer as they allow air to flow freely, but they can come in the way and prevent you from enjoying your day. To ensure this doesn’t happen, add a knot that reduces the size of the t-shirt but also gives more definition to the waist and covers the booty, so you aren’t too exposed.

Wear your jeans right.

As you can tell, denim isn’t the right fabric for summer as it isn’t airy and makes you sweat a lot and your skin poach. The good side is that it’s often comfortable, and you can wear it to almost any event.

Unfortunately, your favorite jeans can overheat in summer when you wear them the wrong way.

Is there a way to wear jeans the right way? Yes, there is. Here are some of these ways:

Go for a thinner fabric: Thinner denim will be airy, so you will sweat less. If you don’t already own lighter denim, buy one from your local store.

Wear distressed jeans: Distressed jeans have holes, so they are airier and will help you sweat less.

Go for lighter colors: Most jeans are often dark colored, making them the wrong ones to wear in summer, as they will attract a lot of heat, making you uncomfortable. To sweat less, wear light-colored jeans.

Roll up your jeans: By rolling your jeans, you expose your skin, so less of your skin is covered, which ensures you are comfortable. For the perfect rolled-up look, wear sandals and boaters. As a rule of thumb, don’t wear socks as you will ruin the look you are going for.

Wear the right shoes: When wearing jeans in summer, you need to pair them with shoes that let air in. Excellent choices are sandals and espadrilles.

Cut on accessories

In summer, most people feel positive and want to look their best. One way to look good is to wear bangles, earrings, and other accessories.

While accessories are good to wear as you can easily show them off as you aren’t covered, you can easily over-accessorize, and as the popular saying goes, too many cooks spoil the broth, you end up ruining your summer look.

Besides ruining your look, too many accessories make it hard to move around as they are too heavy.

To avoid this, minimize the number of accessories you wear. To be comfortable, stick with one or two statement pieces of jewelry and nothing more.

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Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.