Best Style Tips All Girls Should Know


We all want to look good and stylish. We try different clothes, accessories and what not just to look our best. But there are times, no matter what you do, your look isn’t satisfying enough. Many of you can relate to this. But have you ever wondered why this happens? The simple answer is you are doing something wrong. Even a small mistake in your style can downgrade your look.

It could be your choice of accessories or even the inner garment you are wearing. But don’t worry as we have come up with the best style tips of all time. All you need to do is follow them and look gorgeous the way you want to.

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Styles Tips To Follow

Here are some tips that you may find useful to style up your look.

Choose the right bra

Most of you don’t take your inner-wear seriously. You think that they stay hidden under your clothes so you can wear anything you want. Well, that’s where you go wrong. Did you know that wearing the right bra can make you look slimmer? For top-heavy girls, they should always pay more attention to their choice of bra. It can make or break your look. Wearing the right bra helps to shape your top half beautifully and therefore, you look good.

Don’t get too matchy

If you think that matching everything you wear will make you look good then you are wrong. You will look like a clown and nothing else. You should be chosen opposite colours to create a contrast. Like if you are wearing a light coloured top then go for a dark coloured bottom. Also, don’t try to match all your accessories with your attire. Fashion is an art and you need to get it right. The key here is to create the perfect contrast so that it makes you look appealing.

Do your hair right

Your hairstyle is a very important part of your look. The way you carry your hair or cut it matters a lot. The simple thing is not every style fits everyone. If your friend looks good in short hair doesn’t necessarily mean that you will look good too. Hairstyles need to be done based on the shape of your face and of course, the attire you are wearing.

Show skin selectively

Showing too much skin doesn’t make you look attractive. If you are to wear something sexy make sure you flaunt your skins electively. For example, if you are flaunting your legs then keep your top covered.

With these easy tips, you can go a long way. Even small things matter when it comes to styling. Keep an eye on the detailing and you will be good to go.


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