Best Outfit Ideas with Basic Women’s T-Shirts


Basic t-shirts are a great option whether you are looking for a low-key vibe or ready to have your street style game on fleek. One can love or hate them but can’t avoid having them as a classic wardrobe staple. They bring endless trendy looks for you on the plate. Even social media influencers ditch their complicated tops and attires just to wear basic women tshirts.

While thinking about what to wear, women can easily consider different tees available in online stores. Starting from the basic boxy polo tees to the printed oversized ones, it’s unlikely you will run out of variations.

Then, you even got the famous graphic tees, which are unavoidable for how they look. Not to mention how trendy colors today aren’t only about solid-colored t-shirts. You can have pastel shades, monochrome ones, and striped or muted tones.

In this article, one can explore various interesting styling ideas with these basic t-shirts.

Get it under a Black Jacket.

Do basic t-shirts look boring? Well, maybe you haven’t synced with the right style yet. Because layering your tee with a black jacket or shirt is an effortlessly chic style. It is not that complicated either, and most women can easily carry the overall look to the streets.

The best thing about layering with a jacket is that the outfit flatters every body shape and size. Debating on the comfort factor is useless, as these tees are comfortable. You can prefer to keep the jacket buttons open on a summer day. Let the t-shirt fly in all its glory while you choose the right jacket for maximum impact.

Summers and Skirts are best friends.

It is true that if it is summer and you aren’t ditching the pants for a nice-looking skirt, you are doing it all wrong. Summers and skirts are indeed best friends as they ensure your legs stay in the open and stay cool. Nevertheless, you can still rock your outfit by choosing a glamorous textured basic t-shirt and a floral skirt.

For the daytime, you can pick your regular flats, while it is more decent to wear the heels for the nighttime. Or, if you are looking for a rather athleisure look, make a statement by wearing your favorite sneaker shoes. All in all, you can guarantee an enhanced and pulled-together look, which also doesn’t compromise summer comfort.

Is there a better couple than Denim and T-Shirts?

If you are game for the simplest and most chic style, never say no to denim jeans and basic tees. While short sleeve Polo tees make the best pair, there’s no doubt one can look equally good in a high-neck crop t-shirt. While selecting jeans, there are many options today, from skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans to many more.

Are you searching for the most decent outfit idea? Go and pick high-waisted blue skinny jeans and tuck your white t-shirt in. Your favorite sneakers and heels will ensure you complete the overall look.

Wrapping Up

Basic women’s t-shirts are versatile and the simplest-looking raw material for a decent overall outfit. One can prefer wearing these tees with ripped jeans or trousers to give yourself a fashion-forward look.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.