Summer Nail Trends That Will Keep You Stylish and Chic


Summer is here! That means it’s time to put on swimsuits, head to the beach or pool, and enjoy the outdoors. With the warmer weather, we tend to wear less clothing, so it’s more important in these warmer months to have presentable and beautiful manicures.

Of course, any trendy fashioniser will want the newest nail trends to show off. So, what’s in this year? Let’s discuss the current nail trends that will keep you stylish and trendy. 

Before discussing the latest trends, we want to stress the importance of visiting a talented
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With the summer weather, your nails will get a lot of wear and tear from hanging out in the water and sweating. So, it’s better to visit a reputable salon to get your manicure done so your nails will last the test of time. Think about using a credible app such as Booksy to find the right professional for you. 

Nail Shapes

When getting a manicure, the first element to decide on is the shape of your nails. Luckily, there are many in-style nail shapes right now, so you have plenty of options to choose from. If you’re looking for a sassy style that allows you plenty of room to add decorations to your nails, think about getting the coffin (or ballerina) nail shape. This is a lengthy (usually acrylic) shape with squared off ends that resemble the shape of a coffin. Small round nails are also in style, as are nails with square ends. Round nails are best for those who like simple designs and have to use their hands a lot while the square shape is great for those who have naturally flat nail beds, as they can help make your nails look wider than they really are. Pointed almond nails are also in, and they go well with all nail types. All in all, most nail shapes are in, so it’s important to decide which fits best for your personality and lifestyle and go for it! 

Nail Colors

Summertime is all about colors! 2021 trends are also all about colors, so get ready for some bright and fun nails this year. Rainbow nails are in right now, which could be a great choice if you’re looking to celebrate pride month in style. Tie-dye nails are also a classic summer favorite. Nails in peachy colors, neon hues, and lighter-colored shades are also in right now. So, think about a neon yellow, a neon green or a bright peach-colored manicure. Or mix and match your favorite colors. Find a few hues that work well together and alternate your finger colors in the same manicure. It’s summer, so as long as your nails are vibrant and fun, you will be in style. Think about adding graphic designs to your nails. Floral designs are another way to get creative while showcasing some real art on your nails. Checkers, ying-yangs, and other designs will give your manicure a summer-time makeover. French tips are a classic. They are in right now, and we don’t see them going out of style any time soon. 

Lastly, think about adding a colorful ring around your nails. Pick a base color for the nail and paint the outside ring of your nail in a different color. This is a relatively new trend that is taking Pinterest by storm. 

Nail Textures

The right texture can transform your manicure! Be sure to decide what texture will look best for your choice of nails. Perhaps, you want to add glitter to your nails (a glitter ring around the perimeter of your nails can look fabulous) or a few pieces of bling on one finger to accent your manicure?

Are you a gel nail person? Think about using gel nails to have a lasting color that transcends the warm weather. Or would you prefer acrylic? When getting your nails done, tell your nail professional what type of lifestyle you live and mention the activities that take place in your life so they can recommend the best base and texture for your nails. 


Lastly, as summer approaches and we find ourselves on the beach or at the pool, we’re exposing our toes. So, think about getting your toes done to match your fingernails. Having a full, complete manicure and pedicure tells everyone that you are a stylish person who cares about the complete details of your look.

All in all, think about fun, bright colors and trying new creative designs this summer as you embark on your nail journeys. Or, if you’re really not sure what you’re looking for, the right nail professional will be able to help you decide when you tell them a little about your lifestyle. 

Written by Malorie Mackey
Malorie Mackey is an actress, published author, and adventurer based out of Los Angeles, California. Throughout her experiences, Malorie found a love for travel and adventure, having journeyed to over a dozen countries experiencing unique locations. From the lush jungles of the Sierra Madre mountain range to the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland, Malorie began adventuring and writing about her unique travels. These travel excerpts can be found on VIVA GLAM Magazine, in Malorie’s Adventure Blog, in Malorie’s adventure show “Weird World Adventures” and in the works for her full-length travel book. Stay tuned as Malorie travels the world bringing its beauty and wonder to you. Check out