Growing Through Changes: That Hairstyle that’s Gonna Fit the New You!


Are you going through a major personality transformation right now? Or are you growing either at a personal level, professional level, or at both levels? If yes, it would be a terrific idea to change your hair and allow it to reflect your growth. It doesn’t matter whether you got your current look a few weeks ago or you’ve had the same look for several years. When the time for growth is ripe, you have to take that as your cue to switch up your hairstyle. And if you need help deciding which hairstyle to go with as a testament to your growth, worry not. This article recommends 10 hairstyles that could easily fit the new you. But before we get to the meat and potatoes, it’s important to point out at this juncture that, for your plan to work, you have to pick the best possible hairstylist in your area. If your current one doesn’t inspire much confidence in you, please don’t trust them to spearhead your transformation. Just look for the best possible alternative.

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That being said, here are our new hairstyle recommendations:

1. You want to be a fun person? Go red!

Dying your hair in a new color is the perfect way to tell the world that you’ve changed. And what’s a better way to announce your growth to the world than to accentuate your facial features with the color red- the official color of fun and sophistication? Red hair tells the people around you that you are, among other things, fun-loving, confident in your body, and have a good sense of humor. Red also shows that the new you is an out-of-the-box person.

2. Layer up your hair for a perfectionist’s look

Is your new you a perfectionist? Maybe you got a promotion at work and now wish to send a message to your subordinates that, under your leadership, everything has to be done to perfection. If that’s you, what you need is a layered cut. People will look at your hair and upon seeing how perfect it is, they’ll immediately deduce that you mean serious business.

3. Want to go with a warm-hearted personality? Curl your hair!

Do you wish to be seen as a generous, warm-hearted person? A “fire personality,” so to speak? Or do you want to be seen as a passionate, loving, intuitive, expressive, insightful, and dynamic leader or team player? If yes, you can never get it wrong with curls.

4. Want to be logical? Try a medium-length wash-and-go style!

Do you want to come across as someone who values logic and common sense above anything else? Or do you want the new you to come across as a really good thinker who doesn’t wallow in her own emotions? Or are you looking for a “goal-oriented” and competitive personality? , and some of them can be very competitive — they’re very direct and just want to get things done. If you answered yes to any one of the three questions, the look you’re after is a medium-length wash-and-go style.

5. Open up your heart with a bald head!

First of all, bald women are super romantic. Second of all, having this style by choice shows a bold personality- someone who is comfortable in their looks. And if your hair is thinning and you choose to go bald rather than wear a wig, what that reflects is unwavering self-esteem.

People who have high self-esteem often have a sparkling personalities. They have huge hearts. And because they love themselves, they always display a relentless will to love and pursue an exciting romance.

6. Strong willpower? Go thick!

Go for wavy hair that’s thick and lustrous if the new you gas a strong power to succeed. This hair is mostly for innovative and creative people who stop at nothing to see their projects succeed. These are people who have high energy and who connect at a very deep level emotionally.

7. Show your charisma with a widow’s peak!

Go for this hair if you want to be seen as a mysterious and charming woman. This style also indicates high appeal- sexually, professionally, etc. The style is in itself a magnet that pulls people toward you. Most importantly, the style oozes unbeatable charisma and self-drive.

8. Want to be a go-getter? Try a blunt cut!

This hairstyle doesn’t require lots of effort to put together and maintain. That by itself depicts you as a straightforward person, a straight shooter. It shows you prefer to go directly to the point. It also shows that you value logic, you’re goal-driven, and a solid go-getter.

9. You want to look athletic? Try a high ponytail!

Maybe you just started working out and eating healthy and you now want people to see how athletic you’ve become? Don’t sweat it! You will easily achieve your goal by changing your hair into a polished, high ponytail. This style also paints you as a goal-oriented and logical person.

10. Show rebellion with a straight hairline

A hairline that goes straight across indicates your resolve to challenge or even break the rules you find unreasonable or unfair. It’s also a sign that you’re out to make a positive change in the world around you.

Final word

There are tons of hairstyles that can help you introduce your “new you” to the world. The 10 recommendations we have made are just meant to get you started. Now inject your personality and creativity to come up with something unique and spectacular. And finally, remember to consider your hair type and face shape when settling for a new hairstyle.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.