The Do’s and Don’ts When Wearing Lehenga Choli for a Festival

Lehenga choli is an ethnic outfit you can wear to festivals and other events. Here are the Do’s and Don’ts when wearing lehenga choli for any festive event across the year.


You can wear many Indian outfits when celebrating a festival, but the Lehenga choli is among the best options. Lehenga is an ethnic outfit you can wear when attending many traditional events, including weddings and festivals. This traditional Indian Dress comes in different colors and designs. You just need to choose a suitable design for your style. But for you to look elegant and feel confident, you need to wear and style the outfit correctly. Read on to learn the Do’s and Don’ts when wearing any style of Lehenga choli.

The Do’s

Know the Theme Color

Most festivals have a theme color. You need to ask people attending or organizing the event about theme colors and wear an outfit with the said colors. This will ensure you blend well with the crowd and don’t look the odd one out. However, if the theme colors won’t look good on you depending on your skin tone, choose colors that look almost the same as the theme colors.

Choose a Fun, Unique, and Comfortable Design

During a festival, there are many activities like dancing, walking around and having fun. You need a comfortable lehenga choli that will allow you to move around and enjoy the event to the fullest. But ensure the design you wear looks good on you and enhances your beauty. If you choose a style that is too tight or too long, you will likely have a rough time at the festival. Keep it simple and unique, and you will have fun.

Get Creative

You need to get creative to have a new look when going to a festival. You can turn your lehenga choli into a suit or dress it down with a waist-long kurta. Alternatively, you can wear a lehenga skirt, pair it with a unique blouse and complete the look with a long jacket. Don’t forget to complete the look with a colorful dupatta. You can get creative as long as your look aligns with the festival Indian dressing code.

Accessorize Your Outfit with Jewelry and a Simple Handbag

After wearing your Lehenga choli, you need to enhance your look with jewelry. You need to wear nice-looking earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, rings, head jewelry, or other jewelry of your choice. The jewelry should enhance your look, not make you look awkward. Therefore, be careful with the pieces you wear. Sometimes it is better to keep it simple if your Lehenga choli is heavily embroidered.

In addition, you need a simple handbag to enhance your look. Choose a bag that can hold your makeup, smartphone, and other essential personal belongings. You can choose to carry a tote bag, clutch bag, or any other simple handbag that can hold your items and give you a stylish look.

Enhance Your Look with Makeup

You want to look your best at the festival. Therefore, nice looking Lehenga outfit and jewelry may not be enough. You need to enhance your look further with makeup. Wear makeup that blends well with your skin tone and the colors of your ethnic outfit. You can wear the makeup on your own, but for the best look, it is advisable to hire a makeup artist for the work. But if you have a relative who can help you apply the makeup, you can still request them to help you out.

The Don’ts

Forgetting to Iron Your Outfit

If the Lehenga choli you intend to wear for the upcoming festival gets wrinkled easily, you need to iron it a day before the festival. If you forget to iron it, you can iron it fast on the festival day, and you will end up wearing a roughly ironed Lehenga outfit. But you don’t want that. Therefore, iron your outfits well to ensure you wear a smooth and smart outfit free of wrinkles. Even if you plan to wear a wrinkle-resistant outfit, checking if it needs ironing is also advisable.

Matching from Head to Toe

Gone are the days when ladies used to match everything from head to toe when going to festivals and special occasions. When wearing your Lehenga choli for a festival, you need to create a unique look by keeping some things in contrast. For instance, let the blouse and the Lehenga skirt have contrasting shades. Alternatively, have a matching Lehenga and blouse and a contrasting dupatta. Just play around with colors, but ensure they complement each other for a complete, unique look.

Wearing Lehenga that is Too Long or Too Short

Choosing a blouse is easier when wearing a Lehenga outfit for a festival. However, when it comes to the Lehenga skirt, you can be tempted to choose a too long or too short skirt. A too-short skirt will make you look awkward, while a too-long Lehenga can make you fall easily while walking or having fun during the festival. Therefore, choosing the right length of your skirt, which is not too long or too short, just above the ankle, is good for a festival.

Tying Too Tight or Too Loose

Although the latest Lehenga choli designs come with fitting buttons and zippers, there are still some designs you have to tie around your body. If you have to tie your Lehenga, ensure you don’t tie it too tight or too loose. If you tie it tightly, it will likely make you feel suffocated and minimize free movement during the festival. On the other hand, if you tie it too loose, you have to keep holding it so that it won’t drop down. Therefore, don’t tie your Lehenga too tight or too loose. Alternatively, consider a Lehenga with zippers, elastics, or fitting buttons.

Final Words

When going to a festival, wearing Lehenga choli will make you look elegant and beautiful. However, you need to consider the above information to ensure you stand out at the festival. Remember to keep it simple when wearing the jewelry and makeup; too much jewelry and makeup will make you look awkward.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.