2022 Spring – Summer Dress Trends


The notion of a typical fashion week has not existed for the past 2 years, and it has not occurred for the previous three fashion seasons. As a consequence of the ongoing Covid-19 and the societal limitations, designers have been unable to hold catwalk presentations traditionally. The easing of limitations in the four main fashion capitals allowed fashion week to take place in a physical environment, although their schedules were still not completely back to normal. Every significant catwalk moment you need to watch from New York, London, Milan, and Paris as designers from across the world showed their spring/summer 2022 collections is compiled here for your viewing pleasure.

Are you ready to take a vacation? Or, at the very least, trying to project a more relaxed, wanderlust-inducing feel throughout the season? From brilliantly colored tunics to beautifully adorned maxi dresses, the latest styles presented dreamy apparel and accessories. This spring’s wish list also includes pattern details and bright colors.

Top to Bottom Bright Colors

Forget about tans, neutrals, and classic creams; this season is an eruption of all things bright—and it’s not for those who want to be on the sidelines. Models walking for Christian Dior and Versace were seen in a vibrant hue from head to toe, making a strong fashion statement.

There is nothing more convenient than a dress that you can toss on and go. A smocked-frock in a vibrant hue is a certain way to nail the current style without even putting up any effort. To complete the look, simply add boots and you’re ready to go! To give you an idea, have a look at Chiara Boni La petite Robe‘s Dresses and Jumpsuits.

Maxi Dresses

The classic midi skirt has been reigning supreme for the past few seasons, but it has been dethroned from the top place this season as fashion trends 2022 are all about going to extremes.

Look for maxi dresses that are long enough to reach the ankles but are cut in a more streamlined manner. Designs that sit at the waist will help to stretch your legs by making them appear longer. Consider making tiny splits that end at the knee to allow the cloth to float as you walk—it will be more comfortable as a result.

Column Dresses: Column dresses, which are dresses that narrow as they reach the bottom, appear to be the most popular style in the current maxi-length fashion movement.

Waist-Cut Out and Crop Tops

A version on the waist cutout trend is a familiar face on the subject of dress trends since crop tops are called for warm weather. Cutouts in unexpected places were all the rage last year; this year, mid-range pop-ups of the flesh are coming into the stage.

Flower Prints

Even though flower pattern has been extensively explored throughout the pandemic, it appears that similarly inspired designs have become a comforting standard. When it comes to such homey blooms, designers choose to go in two different routes for the current season. The first one, followed by Chiara Boni, appears to be more sumptuous and follows in the footsteps of prior cottage-core designs. It features flowers that are influenced by linen embroideries and tiles in the second piece, which is geared toward a more basic farmhouse setting.

If you’re presently struggling to stay warm in the cold temps outdoors, the spring 2022 fashion trends outlined here may help you keep you distracted from the weather!

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.