Netflix and Chill with our Five Most Popular Casino Movies that will make you Love Gambling


Films about betting and casinos enjoy a significant benefit over numerous different subjects. Why? Since they are genuine about risks, especially on Online Slots.

Moreover, if you are creating a movie on the subject, it won’t be tied in with avoiding any risk. Instead, the film focuses on the big score, which everyone likes.

While there are many movies on the topic, we can’t discuss them all. Therefore, we have limited our research to five of them.

Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

There is no talking about casino movies without involving Ocean’s eleven. You can regard it as a classic battle if you want, especially when Brad Pitt, Forge Clooney and many others of his crew face off with Andy Garcia and his companions.

The movie features perfect outfits, extraordinary characters with a strut like crazy, and many scenes shot in forbidden areas. It is a complete Las Vegas experience.

Additionally, it has an incredible budget with a great cast of the best actors, which is why Ocean Eleven is a big hit.

21 (2008)

This movie – 21 tells the accurate tale of a set of MIT undergraduates that figured out a way to beat the house in Las Vegas and win millions.

When confronted with an educational expense of up to about $300,000, a math genius joins a gathering of students ruled by Kevin Spacey.

Figuring out how to count cards professionally and the blackjack rounds, with counterfeits cards, the students spend their weekends in Vegas attempting to beat the casinos.

The movie gives you an appealing look at the idea behind gambling smartly and living in Vegas as a hotshot. But is this a temporal hack, or would they be able to turn it into a lifetime arrangement?

You will need to watch the movie to discover exciting twists and scenes.

Molly’s Game ( 2017)

In some cases, life offers opportunities that you never perceive, which was what happened in Molly bloom’s case. It’s a true story about how a terrible accident while trying to make it to the Olympics as a skier transformed into a life of underground poker. 

Molly facilitates Hollywood royalties, star athletes, big business owners and surprisingly, the Russian mafias. Eventually, karma caught up when they came kicking down her entryways. 

Casino (1995)

Many people view casinos as the best gambling movie ever made because it features characters like Robert De Niro and his accomplice Joe Pesci and Sharon Stone.

Nobody could think running a mobbed-up casino and getting things done the right way could result in a show. The mere fact that DeNiro runs a Gambling Club and is called ace is simply amusing.

Moreover, it is common to see Joe Pesci as the usual hot-headed criminal. Although its production may not be as good as the recent movies like Ocean eleven, it is still the best gambling movie.

Rounders (1998)

There is no surprise of the movie’s success when you have a Matt Damon and Edward Norton cast. Rounders tells the story of the drama between two companions.

Damon sets out to get back to the gambling world to help his best friend. But, unfortunately, we didn’t see losing money to the Russian gangster John Malkovich coming. This movie is gambling action at its best. 


These movies are ideal for a comfortable night at home during winter, mainly if you have not seen them. Moreover, they can teach you strategies to play at Lucky Nugget Casino.

Written by Megan Taylor
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