Everyday Necklace Trends to Try Today


Jewelry is part of most people’s lives and symbolizes wealth, power, and status. For some, jewelry is part of their tradition and cultures. Elizabeth Taylor once said that “jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique” and when you’re putting together an outfit, no matter what the occasion, it wouldn’t be complete without a piece of jewelry to finish it off. 

In addition, there are reasons why jewelry can elevate one style. But the question is how do you choose on-trend everyday jewelry like a necklace? What kind of jewelry should you choose for a low-key yet still impactful look in 2022? Oak and Luna, a high end yet affordable jewelry brand that specializes in creating on trend jewelries like necklaces can help you on that. Below are the on-trend necklaces that you should consider in your everyday outfit.

Paperclip Necklaces

The current paperclip necklace trend, which adds a fun twist to the classic gold chain, is incredibly popular on social media right now. You can currently find a huge selection of paperclip necklaces at Oak and Luna. These can be a simple chain, a minimalist pendant, or they can even be personalized with your name or initial to create a look that is truly unique to you. And because they are available in both gold and silver, you can find the right piece to fit in seamlessly with your existing jewelry collection if you like that layered look. Oak and Luna are a modern jewelry brand that deliver high-quality pieces at affordable prices, meaning that they are perfectly suited to everyday wear, no matter how busy or active your life is.

Medallion Necklaces

Medallion Necklaces are no longer the reserve of dads at seventies disco nights, medallions have made a huge comeback and they are set to be just as big again this season. Historically worn by Greeks and Romans, medallions can feature stones, symbols, or even text such as star signs, initials and names. Usually a simple circular shape, medallions are a minimalist jewelry trend regularly chosen for everyday wear and ideal for stacking together. Several medallions of different lengths are worn at the same time and paired with a plain vest or tee to create a statement look that will elevate the simplest of everyday outfits.

Charm Necklaces

Struggling to choose your favorite pendant to wear on your necklace? Then why not wear them all! Charm necklaces are a spin off for the perennially popular charm bracelets, and they feature a series of small charms evenly spaced out across the length of the chain. Available in both silver and gold, there are big fans of the ‘love’ charm necklace with each letter charm spelling out the word, whilst other popular options feature symbols (such as hearts and crosses) and multicolored gemstones.

Name Necklaces

First made popular by the character Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex and the City TV series, name necklaces exploded onto the scene and haven’t gone anywhere since! These are a great way to express yourself, they are truly unique, and they go with everything. After all, what could be more versatile and original than wearing your own name around your neck? When Carrie wore the necklace again in the Sex and the City spin off, And Just Like That, no one was surprised to see the returning popularity of this piece. If you’re looking for a timeless everyday necklace then a name necklace is a brilliant choice.

Adding a necklace, or two, is a great way to finish off any casual outfit. No matter what you’re wearing, the addition of a simple piece of jewelry will instantly elevate your look. Why not invest in some new pieces and try it for yourself?

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.