Where to Take European Style Photos in Los Angeles


Whether you are a blogger, influencer, photographer or just a traveler, I think you will agree when I say that the place where you can take some of the most beautiful photos in is Europe. Europe is rich in culture, and the beginning of its architecture dates to the 5th century B.C. The combination of the colorful old world and diverse nature makes this continent an unbeatable photo backdrop.

For many content creators, however, traveling has become somewhat tricky during the past two years and who knows what the next few years hold? That also applies to the content creators in Los Angeles where the modern architecture dominates the city. While modern is always in and is chic, it can exude cold, intimidating and even un-inviting feelings. However, if you want to create warm, inviting and, let’s say, even romantic wedding photos, you will need a rich, colorful backdrop. Since getting to Europe can be costly and time consuming, we’ve found a better solution for you. It’s called European House LA

European House LA

This charming property is located in Studio City and is available for bookings. It is very private as it is hidden behind the tall hedges. No shooting permit is needed for smaller crews, and the insurance is included in the hourly rate. Parking can be hard in Los Angeles but not here! You will welcome this area with no parking restrictions. That’s right! Not even street cleaning! Hop in a car and in just a few minutes, you will find yourself in Europe! 

You will have access to the lush front yard featuring a canopy day bed, a couple of seating areas, and metal arbors aligning the walkway. Spring is the best time to shoot as the roses and jasmine are blooming. If you need an outdoor vintage tub, they have it too! Shaded by a tree, you can get those beautiful soft shadows created by the sun rays piercing through the tree branches.

You will also have access to the pool area which reminds us of the Beverly Hills hotel pool. Just much smaller, of course. This pool, however, features lighter pink pool cushions, striped pillows, and umbrellas as well as the matching cabana and towel cabana. A couple of statues add the antique feel to this area to match the theme of the house. 

The house, itself, is a one-story house from the 1940s and features old-world elements from the Renaissance to Rococo. Amongst the rooms, you will find the Queen’s bedroom, which is a peachy-cream rococo bedroom with two beautiful vanities and a matching queen’s bed. Another room worth mentioning is the red living room which is inspired by Italian baroque. Darker tones popped with gold accents and a white sofa set create an ultra-luxurious feel.

Not to spoil the whole experience for you, but should you decide to book a shoot there, I will just mention one more room. Many guests call it the ‘Gucci Room’ because of its floral theme in combination with the green walls. It is the smallest room in the house, but as the owner says, it’s the cutest. There’s magic! It’s sort of like a reading room, like the ones the royals had in their castles and chateaus.

Endless collections of bona fine china made in Germany or Czechia, table place settings and faux flowers (which are included in the hourly rate) will make your shoot so much easier and richer in its results. So, forget about paying $500 per hour with the booking minimum of 10 hours for a mansion in Malibu. No need to spend thousands of dollars on traveling to Europe either.

Get your money shots for your social media or campaign right here in European House LA

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Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.