A Guide to Choosing Your Summer Intimates, Including Mesh Bra Styles


Are you in the mood to part ways with unworn panties and bras and ready to make room for first layers that offer comfort, support, and style? When you stock your top drawer with the right foundational pieces, you’ll be set for summer and beyond. You want to pick pieces you’ll be excited to wear every day and on special occasions. From vintage-inspired high waist underwear to a feminine power mesh bra that feels like a bralette but supportive, you may find that you want a versatile collection of intimates. The following tips and styles can help support your decisions. 

Fill in the Gaps: What’s Needed?      

If some of your current bras and underwear are too baggy, too bulky, too tight, or simply worn out, you don’t have to hang onto them anymore. After you’ve made space in your drawers, it’s time to replenish the supply. Is there a super soft fabric you would like to try? Is there a certain style you’ve read about that you think would go well with a variety of outfits? Do you want clean lines without excess frills? You can build a great collection of high-quality bras and panties that give you sculpted, sensual support.

Get a Bra Fitting

All components of a bra are essential to an exceptional fit. This means choosing a lightweight, flexible underwire that doesn’t dig in, styles that complement your breast shape, and fabrics that offer a luxury feel and performance strength. Consider getting an online fitting with a fit therapist if you think you aren’t wearing the correct size or haven’t been measured in a long time. It may help to take an online fit quiz as well. Band and cup sizes can change over time, as you know. 

Underwear: From High Waist to Thongs

It’s so annoying to buy underwear that doesn’t fit right. They either don’t fit your curves correctly, dig in, or bunch up. You want to find underwear that looks and feels amazing on your body. Whether you’re looking for black thongs or full-coverage panties, they should feel soft and look flattering. 

Elevated High Waist Underwear 

Seamless and curve-hugging high waist underwear with a vintage vibe may offer the stylish coverage you’re after. A smooth pair with a forgiving, no-roll waistband will keep you covered under a slip dress or even luxe knitwear. Clean lines and minimal backend coverage imparts an elevated feel as well. High waist styles that come up to your belly button are perfect for lounging in at home too.

Essential Bikini Underwear

Bikini-style panties made with comfy fabric like soft modal are perfect for everyday wear. This versatile cut makes them easy to wear with jeans, dresses, and clothing with lower waistlines. A well-designed pair will lay flush against your skin, and you can comfortably wear them lower across the hips or higher on the waist. Some bikinis have a slightly cheeky bottom for a modern, sensual feel. 

Soft, Comfortable Thongs 

Who says thong underwear can’t be comfortable? The right ones can! It’s all in the details. When you need your underwear to completely disappear under clothing, reliable, well-constructed thongs have you covered. A flattering, comfortable cut may dip down slightly in the back so it can be worn up higher on the waist or lower across the hips. Whether you need black thongs or bright pink thongs to bring out your sassy side, they should be soft and seamless. Don’t give up on thong underwear until you find the most comfortable ones you’ve ever owned. 

Bras: From Mesh to Microfiber Materials 

You need bras that empower and support you. You might enjoy the airy lightness of a mesh bra this summer. Instead of flimsy cotton or lace, it’s made with sturdy power mesh and a thin, flexible underwire. Another excellent option is lustrous satin. Smooth, soft, satin cups disappear under clothing. Microfiber is an excellent alternative to cotton. It has a second-skin softness that moves with you. 

Soft Scoop Bras

A scoop-style bra with a rounded neckline is a wear-anywhere bra for all-day comfort. Instead of padding or foam, look for a buttery soft microfiber that accentuates a woman’s natural form and hugs the curves. It’s the type of bra that’s so soft you might forget you’re even wearing it. Get an essential core color or two for your collection, or spice it up with a bright cerise for something different. 

Sensual Plunge Bras

If your clothes have plunging necklines and you need a bra with a deep V-shape in the center, a plunge bra is for you. Look for a breathable mesh bra that plunges in the center in black for something sensual or whatever colors speak sensually to you. This style has the attitude of a bralette but provides the support you need. If you prefer something slightly less airy, look for a plunge bra made of satin instead. 

Fuller Coverage Demi Bra

For a modern take on timeless coverage, you can find demi bras made with 3D spacer fabric instead of padding or foam. For those who don’t like the look of bulky bras but need supportive shaping, this is an excellent choice. What is a demi bra such as this supposed to feel like? It may feel like a classic T-shirt bra. Seek out one with cups made of minimal, breathable, non-creasing 3D spacer fabric instead of memory foam. 

Bras as a Style Element

Bras meant to be seen can make you feel good about yourself, and they can complete your outfits. A design-oriented mesh bra makes for an excellent layering piece. Maybe it’s the perfect balconette or perhaps a plunge bra that you wear with your high waist underwear. You can make a statement without being overly frilly or lacy if that’s not your thing. Clean lines and a composed fit are realistic for daily wear, yet can also serve as a style element under an open jacket, slouchy cardigan, or dress. The best mesh bras are meant to be shown off. They can also be enjoyed under clothing. Whatever the case may be, the same bra should feel so comfortable you don’t even realize you’re wearing it and provide the exact support you need.

The Best of Both Bras and Underwear

Your go-to underwear and bras don’t have to be boring or ordinary. The best of each elevates your everyday foundation while supporting you comfortably. Whether you love rich and bold colors, earthy neutral tones, or seasonal delights, there’s a bra and panty for you. Enjoy these intimates all summer long. 

About CUUP

Experience modern luxury and support with CUUP, an intimates brand for women of all shapes and sizes. Minimal, iconically unlined bras are designed to be supportive and comfortable without excess frills or padding. Embrace your curves with thoughtfully designed bras in 53 sizes from A to H and band sizes from 30 to 44. CUUP offers five gorgeous bra silhouettes, each featuring a flexible underwire that moves with you. Innovative, performance-strength fabrics, such as power mesh, are the secret to CUUP’s unlined bras. Choose your favorite CUUP underwear style in materials such as modal and satin to complete your sets. CUUP’s core colors and seasonal color drops are all curated from an artistic lens. The first layer you put on in the morning should offer the sensuality, support, and style you need in your daily life—without compromise.

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Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.