Four Tips to Nail That Effortless Casual Look


We’ve all been there where we barely have time to throw on a sweater, rock a messy bun and run out the door with one shoe untied in the morning. Life is busy. Yet, throwing together a casual outfit can be easy and make you look on trend if you know the secret to pulling together an effortless casual look.

Thanks to today’s comfy fashion trends, it’s easier than ever to find effortless casual wear that can still make you look and feel great. So, whether you’re working from home, dashing off on the school run or running errands for the day, below are some essential top tips for pulling together your effortless casual look that takes minimal fuss.

1. Remember That Less Is More

When it comes to an effortless casual look, it’s important that your outfit doesn’t overdo it. Try to steer away from harsh colours and bold patterns and opt for a more neutral palette like whites, blacks and nudes as these colours are so easy to pair together and look effortlessly chic.

The trick is to have a great collection of quality basics like shirts, jeans and trainers and ballet flats to draw on. Quality over quantity is important here as a well-made white shirt and great pair of denim jeans that you’ve invested a little more in will look much better than a cheap pair that don’t look as elegant.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Style Up a Fashionable Tracksuit Set

While tracksuits used to be banished to a world where only teenagers and rappers would go, today’s tracksuits have come a long way in the fashion world and shouldn’t be shied away from. The key is to choose a set that matches and pair it with a few simple accessories that bring the look together.

A simple tracksuit and sneakers outfit can be transformed by adding a fancy topcoat that you own or an oversized blazer. Not only will you feel super comfortable, but you’ll be also the fancied looking mum on the school run or walking around the supermarket, while still maintaining that effortless look.

3. Embrace Co-ord Sets

When it comes to co-ord sets, there’s not really a lot you can do to go wrong. Co-ord sets are ideal as they’re already designed to go together, meaning you can save quality time in the morning by not having to stare desperately into the abyss of your wardrobe while trying to figure out what goes with that cute blouse you picked out.

Co-ord sets come in a variety of styles, from skirts and a crop top to stylish tracksuits, leggings and a matching sweater, gym sets and even shorts and a top. Investing in a couple of quality co-ord sets is well worth the time and investment and you’ll certainly be thanking us on a Monday morning as you’re dashing out the door at the last minute.

4. Use Accessories

Wearing a simple outfit like black leggings and a white top? It couldn’t be easier to make this look a little more effortless chic. If it’s cold outside, try adding a silk scarf and overcoat, a bean hat and some white sneakers.

However, if the weather is warmer then you could have some sunglasses, some simple but elegant stud earrings and a cute shoulder bag to tie together the whole look. Other great accessories to use include hats, giant scrunchies and oversized sunglasses, and bracelets and necklaces.

Overall, pulling together an effortless casual look does require a little effort upfront to make sure you have the basic foundations in place in your wardrobe. However, once you’ve nailed this and have organized everything in easy to grab sections, it will be easier than ever to pull together your effortless look and oh so worth it.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.