Canvas Prints – 5 Reasons to Get Yourself One in 2022


Canvas prints, despite being commonplace in the realm of interior design, are still largely overlooked when it comes to their potential for improving our everyday lives. Whether it’s a home makeover or setting up a new office space, there’s hardly a better option if you wish to add your surroundings a personal twist. Together with the photo printing experts from, we’ll get to the bottom of what makes them the definite interior must-have of 2022. 

#1 They’re Cheap and Cheerful

Speaking of all the why’s, it’s no surprise that this one comes off on the top. The affordability of custom canvas prints is something to definitely consider when deciding on the elements that will make up your new interior design. 

With an entry price of just $5.00 at, it’s arguably the most accessible kind of home decor out there. Having your precious photos and designs around you with little to no impact on your overall home decor budget is a great way to start off an interior makeover. 

#2 They Come in All Shapes & Sizes

Right, we might have slightly exaggerated the former as the only two formats available on are the classic pair of landscape and portrait. Nevertheless, the range of available sizes is nothing short of impressive. 

Starting off with a compact 8”x8” print and going all the way up to a magnificent 36″x48″ canvas, the diversity of available formats ensures there’s a fitting canvas print for all rooms and offices, regardless of the available space. 

#3 The Print Quality is Second to None 

Much has been said about the incredible technological advances the custom printing industry has seen over the last few years. However, it’s only when you encounter a fresh-off-the-press canvas print, when the true extent of this progress becomes apparent. 

The quality of digital prints is simply superb. Intense, vivid colors, pin-sharp resolution, all served on a perfectly taut, hand-stretched canvas. 

Whether it’s an inspiring quote you nicked from Instagram, a photo highlight from your last vacation or a fabulous profile of your favorite fashion icon, you can be sure the print rendition will do justice to the source material. 

#4 They Make for Fantastic Gifts

There’s no denying that personalized gifts tend to produce a powerful emotional response from the receiving party. In other words, you wouldn’t expect a toaster to have the same kind of an impact that a personalized canvas print would. 

The fact is, canvas prints featuring photos of personal significance make for a top-tier gift idea. There’s hardly an occasion when they wouldn’t fit – graduations, anniversaries, birthdays, seasonal festivities, a touching tribute in the form of custom canvas prints is a brilliant way to mark important events and express your affection.

#5 Canvas Prints Let You Celebrate Your Own Achievements 

On top of all the mentioned benefits, canvas prints are also a somewhat overlooked means of empowering yourself. Celebrating your victories, projecting success, and manifesting your ambition – a gallery wall of canvas prints will help you do just that. And this is not limited to self-celebration alone. A fitting piece of wall art can play a major part in your mood management efforts.

There’s a good reason why so many people tend to display canvas prints at their offices. Not only do they have the capacity for inspiring productivity, but they’re also a handy way to remind yourself and those around you about your principles. 

Having these talismans around you will ensure you never break your stride or forget what you set out to achieve. 

So, do we need any more proof that 2022 is the year you should finally get yourself one? With so many qualities and tons more to discover, personalized photo canvas prints continue to reign supreme in the realm of home decor. Whether you have an impending interior makeover ahead of you, or you simply want to treat yourself with an original self-gift, look no further than this hidden gem of a product! 

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.