The Right Pair of Shoes for Different Types of Dresses

Young woman in high-heeled shoes near color wall

We all like to get dolled up with beautiful dresses and with nice pairs of shoes. How to style them, what type of dresses are trending, what shoes would look good with what type of outfit,etc. When the temperature is on the rise, what can be better than dresses. They are breathable and light. The beautiful colors and patterns of these dresses lift up your mood bringing your summer days even more fun.

Dresses can be worn in any type of event. Be that a dinner party, date, funeral, or business dinner all you have to do is choose accordingly. A right dress combined with the right shoes can pull off any type of look.     

Shoes can make an average pattern dress look stylish. Heels with a floral maxi or a mini dress are perfect for attending weddings. If you are wearing a sundress it’s best to go for flats. Pumps would look great with evening dresses and bodycon. For flaunting those gorgeous legs of yours with high slit dresses nothing can beat strappy sandless.

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Most of us have the same type of shoes but in different colors and patterns. This gets confusing when you have to make a choice. But no worries because we have got you covered in this area too.

Picking Shoes According to Color and Pattern

For picking the perfect shoes you have to keep in mind the color and pattern of your dress. Otherwise, there is a high chance all your efforts would go down the drain spoiling the whole look. Remember the following tips for selecting the perfect shoes to rock a dress.

  • For white dresses, it is best to choose colorful shoes but cream or white looks fine too.
  • Your shoes need to be of a deeper color compared to the dress. 
  • You can wear shoes that match the color of your ornaments
  • If you are wearing a shiny dress pair it with nude shoes.
  • Wear a black dress with any shoes regardless of their patterns or colors and you would still look like a queen.
  • Shoes with patterns go well if your dress is simple.
  • If the dress is of dark vibrant color go for black shoes
  • Wear white shoes with a bright and colorful dress
  • Pick a pair of red shoes if you are wearing brown 

What Shoes to Wear with Dress

Finally, it’s time to answer your question about what shoes to wear with dress. In this segment, I would try to list all types of shoes and how they would complement your dress.


When you feel like showing off those silky-smooth legs with mini or midi dresses, sandals are the best choice to make. Precisely the strappy ones which beautify the legs even more. You would look stunning irrespective of the dress being plain and simple.

If you are wearing black, white, beige, gray, cream or something similar,  combining it with multicolored sandals would be the right choice. While the dress is colorful you need to do just the opposite.


Your feet love flats. They are comfortable, not harsh on your toes or heels. When pairing them with your dress,  remember just one thing: neutral flats with colorful dresses. Never wear colorful flats with colorful dresses. Adorn yourself with simple ornaments to finish the look.    


Heels are what make you feel attractive and confident. They accentuate your beautiful calves. This is why they are a perfect choice if you are wearing a mini dress. So, the fashion advice will be to wear high heels with short dresses and vice versa.

And if you are going to wear them the whole day it’s best to go for platform shoes. The problem is these shoes are not for formal occasions. Thus, select platforms accordingly.

It’s a given that you would pair heels with evening dresses. As I mentioned, only heels suit slit dresses. If you cannot handle heels well,  it is wise to go for smaller heels. Kitten heels are not that high, making them a perfect option. Those who are good with heels stilettos, pumps, strappy heels would look amazing with long dresses with slits.    


Boots can be paired with nearly all kinds of dresses. They are as versatile as heels and look good with every dress but this is more true for tall boots. Mini and midi dresses combined with ankle boots complete the chic look you are going for. 

For a modern look,  pair your biker boots with a bright summer dress. A pencil skirt with stiletto is just what you need to keep it elegant.


Mules look very stylish with dresses that hit just below your knees. They are wearable mostly in a casual setting but they go well in a semi-casual setting too. The best thing is they come in different heights so you can choose according to your need.  Putting on these shoes is quite easy and they are weather-friendly too. Wear a silky midi and pair it with mules.  


Well, we all have this pair of shoes since they are great to pull off a casual or a polished look. They are the number one choice of many women for being versatile as well as comfortable. You can style them with pencil skirts, mini or midi dresses to get the modern stylish look.  

Bottom Line

Selecting a beautiful dress along with the perfect shoes and jewelry helps bring out the best of you. In this article, we have listed the best pair of shoes for different kinds of dresses. You can wear any kind of shoes with a dress. The above tips would be of great help to be on the page with the latest fashion trends.

Your choice of dress and the complementing shoes should be according to the setting. Formal ambiance demands formal attire the same goes for shoes. Also, pick a look that goes with the season.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.