Stoner Style: 8 Clothing Brands to Wear at Your Next 420 Session


If you decorate your home with cannabis artwork, fill your fridge with cannabis edibles and grow a healthy crop of cannabis in your garden, you have committed to the stoner lifestyle. The last and most important step is to build a stoner wardrobe — which you can do by investing in pieces from the following 420-friendly clothing brands.

Bored Teenager

From the brain of comedian, stoner and fashion designer Blake Anderson — known best for his hit show “Workaholics” — Bored Teenager is a label committed to trippy graphics that provide a pothead’s perspective. Anderson has long embodied the trope of the good-vibes-only stoner, and most of his merch offers a similar outlook on life and weed. Though the line has dwindled of late, you can still find Bored Teenager shirts and hats at large skate shops, like Zumiez.

Sugarhigh Lovestoned

For a fun, feminine take on stoner fashion, there is no better brand than Sugarhigh Lovedstoned. The tiny and intimate crew behind this clothing brand is committed to using much of the proceeds to do good in the world, which includes donating to charities combating inequality and building their female-friendly cannabis community. Most of their high-quality clothes are produced in Los Angeles, and all of them are incredibly vibey with a hint of good humor.

Letter Shoppe

Another teeny-tiny clothing label, Letter Shoppe has evolved into an ethos for art-loving stoners. The creators behind the clothing are committed to comfort and honesty in their messaging, which makes for fascinating and conversation-starting graphics. Not every piece in the collection is directly devoted to drugs, but the aesthetic is one that stoners can appreciate during their 420 sessions and beyond. Plus, this shop offers gorgeous posters of some designs, which you might use to elevate the look of your smoking space.

Mowgli Surf

Not all cannabis users are beach bums; after all, recreational Maine dispensaries were among the first to open in the country. Still, plenty of stoners mimic surfing style, which explains the popularity of Mowgli Surf amongst the 420 set. Surfeit with sun-bleached colors, bright tie-dye, iron-on patches and more, this brand makes it feel like a sunny So-Cal day no matter where you are smoking.

Miracle Eye

Nodding to the style icons of the ’60s and ‘70s who took the first steps toward destigmatizing cannabis consumption, Miracle Eye’s line is full of hippie-inspired looks. A visit to their Los Angeles storefront feels like stepping into the past, when Flower Power reigned, and bright colors and busy patterns were everywhere. Mixing new retro-inspired clothing and authentic vintage pieces for flower-child purists, Miracle Eye can’t be missed if you have an old stoner soul.

HUF 420 Collection

HUF is a huge skater and streetwear brand that most stoners already know and love. Still, you might not be aware of HUF’s 420 Collection, a capsule collection celebrating the iconic marijuana leaf and other elements of cannabis culture. With regular releases to this collection, HUF delivers fun and funky graphic tees, button-ups, caps, socks and slides, so you can put together a complete outfit that screams “I love weed.”

Mister Green

Mister Green began as another clothing line inspired by the halcyon days of cannabis consumption, but these days, the brand focuses on practical, comfortable and ethical pieces for the everyday stoner. The designers behind this label believe that you can have style, even when you are enjoying leisure time at home. If you want a few 420-related pieces but you don’t want to catch eyes or attract stares, this clothing brand might be right for you.

Free & Easy

For a colorful and calm collection of cannabis clothing, look no further than Free & Easy. This line of tees, hats, socks and sweats mixes retro style with skater fashion, modern stoner comfort and simplicity. The apparel utilizes a bright but soothing color palette as well as simple, uplifting images and messages, to preserve that easy, high feeling no matter where you go, what you do or when you last smoked.

Just because you like to relax with a bowl of bud doesn’t mean you want to look like a slovenly stoner. By curating your wardrobe with the right 420 pieces, you can celebrate your pot pastime while maintaining comfort and style.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.