Tips for What to Wear When You Go for a Big Night Out


More so than perhaps at any point over the last decade, people are craving those big nights out again, hitting the strips and frequenting lavish nighttime entertainment venues. It’s all well and good adhering to our Seductive Makeup Looks For Night Out, but the difference-maker will invariably be your outfit.

Luckily, the topic of what to wear for a big night out has risen to prominence again as 2021 has progressed, with even Vogue listing 25 Going-Out Tops, which range from a $40 Zara camisole top with a jewel strap to a much more lavish $2,680 Bottega Veneta sequin-embellished satin jersey shirt. However, everyone’s style is different, so the more important aspects to get to grips with first are the occasion, attire expectations, what to avoid, and even what you should hope that your friends or partner wear. With that said, while you’re waiting for your Enchanting DIY Holiday Nails to dry, here are some top tips for what to wear on your big night out.

A classy night on the felt

Perhaps the most famous place in the world for a big night out is Las Vegas, with The Strip being loaded with one night-out favorite over all else: casinos. However, the Las Vegas casino experience is distinctly different from most other places in the world where the venues are held in such high regard. For example, the world-famous Bellagio Las Vegas hotel and casino doesn’t have a dress code. Much like most of Las Vegas, the casinos are open to the public, so anyone in shorts and flip-flops can attend. This is an important aspect to consider, as many casinos will have a dress code of at least smart-casual. As a general rule, if it’s not attached to a hotel, you’ll want to dress up. However, you don’t want to go so smart that you blend in with the staff. A good point of reference for this is the live casino section of Betway. Here, the live-streamed casino games replicate the in-house experience with professional croupiers and real tables. You’ll see male croupiers in waistcoats and bow ties, female croupiers in something more akin to a uniformed bodycon. So, attempt to avoid the style and color code of the staff at your intended value.

You’ll often find black or red to be the go-to colors of most classy casino venues. Another way to gauge the general style bar would be to watch some casino movies, such as that of 1998’s Croupier that you can watch or record online on DirecTV, starring Clive Owen. Doing this would also rule out a cummerbund for any gentlemen in your party. Luckily, women can get away with almost any form of not-overly-lavish styles and dress or skirt forms at casinos. Emily Ratajkowski’s mini night out number is a good example that would stand out and meet the bar.

Getting back into the clubs

The first rule of attire for almost any nightclub in most cities is not to wear white trainers or sneakers or, for the most part, any trainers or sneakers at all. Sports clothes overall should be avoided, from general comfort clothing to your more all-out sports gear. Why this needs clearing up first, though, is because you do want something a bit more practical than smart, something that’ll let you move around a lot while also bringing some glamour to the occasion. As detailed in the guide by Schmiggy, finding a dress that suits you and the nightclub dress code is the aim. Heels, pumps, or flats are all fine, but you’ll need to veer towards smarter footwear to get into most venues.

It’s a lot easier for gents, with semi-formal being a sound default choice. That said, women get a lot more choice, and most online retailers recognize the desire to have a nightclub-worthy dress. PrettyLittleThing have their own club dresses section, ranging from all kinds of colors and styles as well as types, including hundreds of bodycon dresses, but also blazers, maxis, and shirt dresses. You could also turn to the party section of ASOS, where all segments of your going-out outfit can be found, from Chelsea boots to cowl neck sequin maxi dresses.

The keys to picking the right outfit for your night out are to pick something that suits your style, hits the right note for the occasion and venue, but doesn’t go so formal or smart that you align with the venue’s staff.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.