8 Maternity Style Tips To Make You Look Like A Bomb While Pregnant


Pregnancy is a beautiful journey. So, congratulations on your growing family! You are probably in the process of figuring out your maternity wear for the nine glorious months coming up. Ladies, maternity wear does not have to be boring at all. Usually, pregnant women spend these months looking up everything about pregnancy and sticking to comfortable clothes to avoid putting themselves at any unnecessary risk. But now it’s all about combining comfort while serving fashionable looks. It makes a woman feel more confident and powerful as a soon-to-be mother.

So, here are 8 elements that you can incorporate into your maternity wardrobe to make a style statement!

1. Embrace The Oversized Trend

Oversized does not mean baggy or lumpy clothing that hides your beautiful pregnant belly completely. Your curves need to stand out, and it is important to style your oversized fits right to avoid looking like you are floating around in your clothing.

Rihanna took it up a notch here with her oversized khaki jacket, but you can easily whip out that oversized tee and accessorize it with a pair of biker shorts and sneakers. Another trick to wearing oversized clothing is to layer a trenchcoat or an oversized jacket over a fitted top and maternity jeans. The blend of comfort and style is a win-win for pregnant ladies everywhere!

2. Mix And Match With Pieces Already In Your Wardrobe

The idea of going all out with an all-new pregnancy wardrobe is tempting, but many try to stay within the budget and still keep the fashion police at bay. In this case, creating a capsule wardrobe out of clothes you already own is the best way forward. Any tops made of stretchy fabric can be worn without any struggle to put them on or any discomfort while wearing them. The same goes for neutral-toned pants with elastic waistbands. This is also the perfect time to pull out any flowy dresses lying around in your closet.

3. Comfort Is #1 When It Comes To Footwear

Trendy sneakers are on the rise, so expecting mothers don’t have to rely on bland flats. You can go for a pair of chunky Fila-style sneakers or the classic converse. Also, the stereotype of women not being able to wear heels while pregnant is not true at all. Yes, pencil heels and stilettos can cause a lot of discomfort and backache. So it is best to look at block or soft platform heels that elevate your outfit and also provide a decent amount of comfort. You can pair them with flowy skirts and tops to look stylish and ethereal.

4. Give A Nod To Patterns And Colors

Just because your body is bigger now does not mean that you can’t wear bright colors or prints anymore. You just need to pick the right prints to enhance your silhouette better. Flowy and wavy patterns in soothing pastels and earthy tones will make you look like a goddess!

You can also go for vertical stripes as they guide the eye down and make you look taller. Vertical stripes also look very flattering around your belly and are perfect for a maternity photoshoot! Make sure that the pattern or prints are cohesive and not too busy for a put-together look.

5. Experiment With Avant-Garde Style

The possibilities are endless with avant-garde fashion, especially if you are already an edgy fashionista! All it takes to be a hot momma is confidence. Be it mesh tops, sequins, or loud prints, you are not shy about flaunting your belly to the world. That is queen behavior indeed! You can experiment with various kinds of form-fitting dresses, glam crop tops, and interesting silhouettes to make a bold style statement.

6. Accessorizing Is Key

No maternity outfit is complete without proper accessorizing. After all, this is the best time of your life, and it needs to be celebrated in style! The best way to go about it is to pair a neutral-toned outfit (in white or cream) with a pair of colorful heels and a matching bag.

If comfort is your priority, then pair a flowy maxi dress with a cute sun hat and hoop earrings. And if leggings and a jacket are your signature look, then make a chic statement with a choker and bold sunglasses. Just rely on one standout accessory to get the job done!

7. Leggings Are A Must-have

Comfort is of utmost priority when you are pregnant. Leggings are warm, cozy, and the perfect piece to style several different types of outfits. They are also very practical and can be paired with dresses, shirts, and cropped tees. Apart from the comfort and flexibility, they shape your body proportions perfectly. This versatile piece of clothing can be worn for any occasion with the right styling. Just make sure that you pick up low-compression leggings as high compression is not safe for pregnant women.

8. Go For Breathable, Stretchy Fabrics

Your belly is, of course, growing with each passing month. So if you really want to expand your styling boundaries while staying within your budget, go for special maternity tees, pants, and jackets that are designed to accentuate your curves. They are also made of stretchable fabrics that are meant to accommodate your growing body. Rigid fabrics can not only restrict your movement but also cause you much discomfort. Airy and breathable fabrics, however, make you feel light while helping you slay the day confidently while flaunting your baby bump!

The nine-month journey may seem short for some women and a rollercoaster for others. But regardless of the experience, these memories will last you forever. The pictures you take during this time will be ones you look back on throughout your life. So make sure you put your most stylish foot forward while carrying your little bundle of joy!

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