3 Technologies Improving Our Lifestyle in 2022


The COVID-19 pandemic will continue to have a significant impact on our lives well into the year 2022. Digitalization and virtualization in business and society are going to accelerate at an ever-increasing rate.

In the last two years, many people and organizations have learned that implementing essential change isn’t as tough as previously imagined. This greater willingness to be flexible, agile, and innovative will continue to harness society as the focus moves from merely surviving in an evolving world to excelling there.

Technology convergence is likely to be the most important topic in 2022, as new tools develop that allow us to integrate them in new and exciting ways.

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Digitization and Virtualization

The virtualization of our workplaces and offices took hold in 2020 and 2021, as remote working arrangements were quickly implemented. Just a short-term spike in a long-term trend. Our understanding of “metaverses” (permanent digital worlds that exist alongside our physical world) will become more commonplace by 2022.

Inside these metaverses, such as the one recently proposed by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, we will enact many of the functions we are accustomed to performing in the actual world, such as working, playing, and socializing. Because of the increasing speed of digitalization, these metaverses will be able to more accurately imitate and simulate the real world, providing us with more immersive, convincing, and handy digital experiences.

While many of us have had some experience with relatively immersive virtual realities via headsets, a slew of new technologies on the horizon may soon vastly improve the experience by providing tactile feedback and even smells. Ericsson, which gave VR headsets to staff working from home during the pandemic and is building an “internet of senses,” predicts that by 2030, virtual experiences would be indistinguishable from reality. However, with the release of a new Matrix film in 2022, we’ll be one step closer to stepping inside our own matrix.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Today, “smart” increasingly refers to devices that are powered by artificial intelligence (AI) – more specifically, machine learning algorithms – and capable of assisting us in ever-innovative ways. Using face recognition algorithms, smart cars can tell if we’re paying attention to the road and tell us if we’re getting weary on the road. Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms are used in various ways on smartphones, from improving call quality to helping us capture better photos. In fact, smart toilets are preparing for an introduction, which will be capable of assisting in the diagnosis of gastrointestinal ailments by analyzing stool samples using computer vision.

Artificial intelligence has invaded the technologies we use on a daily basis — from widespread voice assistants to language translation; to systems that enable us to extract structured data from images, whiteboard scribblings, and handwritten notes. Additionally, it powers a large portion of the robotic process automation, resulting in workload reductions in administration, logistics, accounting, and Human Resources departments. Whatever sector or job function you’re in, you’re sure to find an AI-powered solution that will simplify your life.

This broad trend comprises artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), and newly developing ultra-fast networks such as 5G, which are all combining to provide us with capabilities we did not have just a few years ago. This demonstrates that, on a longer timeline than the one considered here, the most noticeable development of all will be convergence. Increasing data quantities, quicker network and processor speeds, and the “democratization” of data are combined to impact society more than the sum of their parts.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.