High Fashion Is Becoming More Accessible to People of All Sizes


Sizing inclusivity is a hot topic. More designers are realizing the previous gap that was present in the clothing choices that they had to offer and are making an effort to fix it.

People of all sizes enjoy dressing in the latest styles, and now they are able to do so more easily. From seeing similar body types in the chosen runway models to clothing size availability, representation and clothing options are becoming more widespread and accessible.

Sizing Availability

Popular and coveted brands like Dolce & Gabbana have started to offer their clothing in many more sizes to fit women of all shapes. Designers have realized the error of making clothing in restricted sizes and limiting their products to such a narrow market.

Traditionally, plus-sized clothing was difficult to find, and the designs and styles that were available left a lot to be desired. Compared to the selection given to thinner women, a plus-sized person would have only a handful of options. The clothes that were on offer were often shapeless and did little to accentuate the natural beauty of women.

Real women come in all shapes and sizes and clothing designers are starting to pay more attention to that fact and celebrate all women. The average woman can now expand her wardrobe with gorgeous pieces for a special occasion, or even an everyday look. Not only do women benefit from finally having access to the kinds of clothing they desire, but designers are finding a whole new market that exists and was previously ignored.


It wasn’t all that long ago that the models that walked down the runway had to fit a very narrow standard of beauty. Thankfully, the movement to change has taken off and as designers make clothing for a greater range of body types, the models that are chosen to debut the clothes are also becoming more diverse. This goes beyond plus size to include gender, age, disability, and more.

People want to see someone familiar modeling the clothing that they love and wish to wear. It can be difficult to imagine yourself in an outfit or style that you’ve only ever seen on one type of body. The new movement toward inclusivity shows that all body types and all people have the same right to wear whatever they want and whatever makes them feel good.

Body Positivity Movement

The great part about the trend toward body positivity is that it is taking off and can be seen everywhere these days. The harm of judging someone over the way that they look has finally been recognized as the cruel and damaging practice that it is. As people become more educated about the impact that bullying and body criticism has on others in both the short and long term, a counter-movement has emerged to remind each person to be proud of who they are and the body they inhabit.

You can see the trend happen on the runway and in clothing stores. Influencers and even celebrities have also started to speak out about harmful practices and toxic ideas that are long outdated. Instead of trying to box women into one beauty standard that is impossible to achieve, more is being done to celebrate the stunning appeal of all sizes. The way that society has viewed women is slowly shifting to a more empowering take where each individual is encouraged to love and accept the body they have.

High fashion is an exciting and fun way to express yourself. Choosing clothing that looks good on your body and expresses your personality can go a long way toward making you feel confident and beautiful in your skin exactly as you are. Now that more brands are providing clothing for women of all sizes, more people than ever can indulge in creating fantastic designer looks.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.