The Biggest Casino Jackpots Won by Women


Although females gamble less than men, some of the most spectacular jackpots ever were won by the fairer sex. Women enjoy the glitz and glamour of casinos, too! According to the UK Gambling Commission, over 59% of women take part in some form of betting, including the lottery.

The Biggest Jackpots of All Time

Over the past two decades, women have won some of the most spectacular prizes in land-based casinos. The information concerning female winners on leading virtual platforms like free online pokies NZ is limited, as many users prefer to remain anonymous. The most spectacular jackpots ever include:

1.   $22.6 Million in Megabucks

In 2002, Johanna Heundl visited Bally’s casino in Las Vegas and one of the biggest jackpots in history. The woman, who was 74 years old at the time, had only spent $170 on wagers.

2.    $17.3 Million in Megabucks

In 2012, a woman from Las Vegas won over 17 million in the Megabucks slot at M Resort in Henderson. She had used free credits to play the game.

3.   €7.6 Million in the Hall of Gods

In 2012, an anonymous player from Sweden won a stunning jackpot at Unibet Online Casino. For the casino, it was the biggest payout ever.

4.   $1.6 Million in Wheel of Fortune Pink Diamonds

Sandra A. of Dublin from California won this stunning jackpot in 2017 at McCarran International Airport. The game is a $1 progressive slot, and the woman had bet just $5.

The Latest Examples

In 2020 and 2021, women in the US were incredibly lucky. Here are some of the latest winners. Their success stories have been widely covered by the media.

1.   $3,854,682 in Megabucks

In 2020, a $5 investment turned into almost $4 million for a 60-year-old woman from Florida. She played a slot machine at Casino Hollywood. The Megabucks game delivered the biggest jackpot ever for IGT games in Florida. 

2.   $1,644,349 in Wheel of Fortune

In September 2021, a woman from Hazlet called Donna one of the biggest jackpots since 2011. She played at the Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, which is one of the most historic casino resorts in the United States.

3.   $126,495.63 in Gold Stacks 88 Turtle

The most recent big win happened in October 2021, when a woman from Illinois hit the Grand jackpot on a slot machine in Hard Rock Casino. Teresita K. Nartatez had only $6.20 left when she won the maximum payout using the bonus feature. This was her first trip to the establishment which had opened in May.


Interesting Facts

  • In the past, female gamblers preferred poker and bingo. Today, they are keen on slots and table games.
  • Women are generally more cautious, so they make smaller bets. In the EU, the average deposit amount is approximately €38.76, while men deposit at least €54.14.
  • Women are more loyal to casinos, so they are less likely to switch providers.
  • Women are more likely to play on a mobile device than men (59% against 52%).

Written by Megan Taylor
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