Things To Know About Velvet Before Buying It


Velvet has been one of the most used fabrics since ancient times. From fashion to interiors, you can find velvet being used everywhere. Despite being so popular, a lot of people feel intimidated before buying velvet.

Getting proper knowledge about velvet before buying it can eliminate this feeling. So whether you are buying a luxury velvet sofa or a velvet dress, we are here to help you. Below are some things to know about velvet before buying it.

Velvet is quite versatile

A common misconception that people have is believing that velvet is not adaptable. Although velvet is often considered a luxurious item, it can blend right into your life. Velvet is quite versatile as it comes in a wide array of forms.

Moreover, you can experiment with velvet to fit it into different trends as well as styles. The best thing is you can velvet to glamourize something, yet you can also use it in your home as a modern design.

Velvet as royalty 

One of the reasons why velvet is used in luxurious items is because of its royal background. It has been agreed that velvet originated somewhere in the Far East. From there, velvet found its way to Italy. The fabric gained peak popularity during the  Italian renaissance.

In old times, velvet was expensive to produce. Thus, it was only ever worn or displayed by royal and upper-class families. The high prestige Nobels of many countries also showed love towards velvet. Moreover, Queen Elizabeth II can still be found adorned with velvet robes.

The making

Unlike linen, Velvet is not a flat-woven fabric. Thus, it required more yarn and extra steps of production. The first step of making velvet is weaving yarn together on a loom between two layers of backing. After that, there is a split made in the middle of the fabric.

As a result, two identical pieces of fabric remain, each of which consists of an upraised pile. There is no specific type of yarn that is required to make velvet. However, traditional velvet was typically made with silk. On the other hand, today it is made with cotton, linen, wool, and synthetic fibers.

Velvet can last for decades

Most people believe velvet to be a high-maintenance fabric. However, velvet isn’t as delicate as it is perceived. Your velvet can last you decades if you take proper care of it, the same goes for velvet sofas.

A common complaint most people have regarding velvet is its “bruises”; it refers to the fabric scrunching once someone sits on it. However, that can easily be eliminated by steam or by being left alone. Yes, at times, there are marks that are permanent, but they only add a bit of character.

Easy to clean

As we mentioned before, you do not need to fret about your velvet lasting. Moreover, it is quite easy to clean your velvet, so it lasts forever. All you need to do is add cleaning your velvets to your cleaning routine. You can use a vacuum to clean your velvet sofas.

In case of spills. Most velvets are sprayed with a stain repellent, so all you will need to do is dab the spot with a damp towel. If somehow, the stain has dried, you should talk to your manufacturer, they will help you find some way out.

It doesn’t have to be all dark

Yes, you have heard that right, your velvets do not have to be dark. While using dark emerald velvets is what most people do, you don’t have to follow the norm. You can go for softer palette shades. A pastel-purple velvet works perfectly for a lighter aesthetic.

If you are looking to buy a velvet sofa, then you should definitely look up a buying guide. That was all! We hope you find the best velvet!

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.