Is a Black Diamond Engagement Ring Right for Every Woman?



Following an unconventional trend is now considered ‘conventional’. Sounds ironic right? Well, you can check it out for yourself, open up any edition of a fashion magazine and you’ll see how much emphasis is put on ‘apart from the ordinary’.

One such creation is black diamond engagement rings which are making newlyweds go crazy over them. An alluring all-black diamond is mounted on top of a platinum ring or golden band while, either being surrounded by smaller-colorless diamonds or stealing all the attention. These rings are one of a kind and have seen celebrities flaunt them.

It’s a common saying “Black goes well on anything” so why not use the same motto for jewelry. To think about the possibilities that can arise by the incorporation of black diamonds is endless. The gracefulness yet confidence radiated from a black diamond ring is almost incomparable to any other colored jewelry.

But, what is a black diamond? Where does it come from? Let us help you out with these common questions.

What is a black diamond?

A black diamond is a gemstone that has too many inclusions. You may know that a colorless diamond’s worth is decided by the number of minimal inclusions. Well, for black diamonds it’s quite the opposite a black diamond tends to be more expensive if it is more opaque or has maximum inclusions.  As that is what contributes to its black color.

These inclusions come into place due to the presence of natural minerals like graphite, hematite and pyrite. These inclusions affect how the stone will refract and reflect light, thus making the stone mostly absorb all the light and appear as a black gemstone.

These inclusions can be natural or can be achieved by treating a gemstone. The treatment process involves the use of a very low-quality colorless diamond, which has numerous inclusions and appears light grey or dark grey to the naked eye. It is after it goes through a High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) treatment that it attains an all-black color which is caused due to the graphitization of fractures present in the diamond.

Going back into the history of black diamonds we get to know that they were first found in 1840 in Brazil. The residents of that place referred to this diamond as ‘carbonados’. And since then black diamonds are normally found only in Brazil and the Central African Republic.

A black diamond is naturally heavier than a natural colorless diamond. Therefore, if you were to compare a 1-carat black diamond to a 1-carat colorless diamond you will see that the black diamond will appear to be comparatively smaller in size (minimal difference) as it is heavier.

How did black diamonds become a trend?

Black diamond jewelry mainly made a debut on-screen when in the finale of the famous “Sex and the City” romance TV show, Carrie Bradshaw received a 5 carat black diamond ring mounted on top of an 18K white gold band by her on-screen boyfriend Mr.Big. This caused a surge in the sale of black diamonds as well as their acknowledgement.

In real life, former “Baywatch” star Carmen Electra was proposed to using a black diamond engagement ring on her 36th birthday by Rocker Rob Patterson. She was found showcasing her beautiful black diamond ring on many red carpet events.

All this set out a chain of events in which people started shifting from colorless diamonds to opaque black diamonds as their choice of stones for their engagement rings. And why wouldn’t they, black tends to look good on everything. With the world around them also recognizing black diamond jewelry as valuable it was almost a must that people would get on the ‘trend-train’.

Why should you wear a black diamond engagement ring?

Many people who are about to get married or are thinking about popping the question to their significant other keep asking themselves this. Why should you choose a black diamond engagement ring over a colorless diamond engagement ring?

It’s simple because you are out of the ordinary. You want to make your own statement and you take a stance for yourself. Black has always been a color that resembled power, elegance, class and many times superiority! So, why not use this to represent yourself and convey the message. That you are a leader which creates your own path and likes to do things the unconventional way.

Apart from being a style statement, a black diamond ring trends to look mesmerizing on the hands of any person. It is different, it is unique and it is your choice to wear it with no societal pressure or persuasion needed from your friends or family. Consider the world your stage and walk with elegance!

Ending Remarks on Black Diamond Engagement Rings

These rings have an alluring quality about them, they look classy as well as make you appear bold. It is unconventional to wear a black diamond ring, but it can make you rock any outfit without you putting in any extra effort.

These black gemstones are a true beauty and wearing one of them while walking down the aisle will make you appear even more grateful.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.