Tips & Tricks To Maintain Your Wig


Adding beauty to your personality, the wig goes through a lot and requires proper care and maintenance. Mentioned below are some do’s and don’ts while taking care of your wig.

Know your wig

Of course, there is a difference between the human hair wig and synthetic hair wig. The maintenance and care tips vary and depend on the kind of wig you own. Human hair wigs are stronger than synthetic hair wigs. They are more resilient to heat and tangle less. It is important to know the wig type and ensure to read the instructions carefully at the time of purchase.

Use only wig cleaning products

Wigs are delicate and need special care. When buying cleaning products, ensure that you buy the products specially meant for wig cleaning. You get special shampoo and conditioners for wig cleaning that have low pH values. The use of regular shampoos and conditioners contains chemicals that might damage the texture of the hair on the wig.

Follow the washing instructions strictly that are mentioned on the product. With the use of the right product, clean them by soaking in the shampoo and comb them with a wig comb that has a wide tooth. The wig should not be rubbed as the hair may get tangled making the knots weaker. While rinsing the wig, ensure to use lukewarm or cold water only as warm or hot water will surely damage the wig, especially the synthetic hair one. Leave the wig to dry by itself and untangle the wig with a wig comb.


It is simple and straightforward. Take it to a professional for styling. First thing, remember that the hair on the wig will not regrow if you get them cut. Secondly, the use of incorrect products and incorrect treatment will only lead to irreversible damage like the wig getting melted due to excessive heat. Get the styling done only from the salons that specialize in the care and styling of wigs.

Keep your wig safe and covered

Wigs should always be hooked or kept on mannequins when not in use. Storing them otherwise will damage the hair of the wig as they might get tangled. Also, cover them properly to ensure that they do not catch up dust easily.

Avoid using hair spray on your wigs as these will make the hair greasy and unmanageable. Use them only if is necessary as overdoing the sprays will surely damage the wig giving it a messy look reducing its life as well.

Avoid heat

Wigs are not natural, thus the use of heat will lead to damaging them, especially if it is a synthetic hair wig. If required, go through the instructions carefully and abide by them for the amount of heat it can bear.

Do not sleep or shower with the wig on

As you learned that the product and method of cleaning your wig are different from the normal hair shampooing, it is a strict no to take a shower with the wig on. Also, avoid the use of wigs in heavy rains.

Ensure to remove your wig when you sleep. Sleeping with your wig on will entangle the wig hair and can lead to the breaking of wig hair. 

Take good care of your natural hair

Self-hygiene is always the priority. Wearing a wig makes it even more important to take care of your natural hair as the dust or grease can cause itching or irritation that in turn will damage the wig. Keep your hair clean and conditioned all the time and pull them back or make a braid while wearing the wig.

Conclusion: Wig is like a crown that enhances your beauty, be it the lace front human hair wigs, synthetic wigs, or human hair wigs. If you will take good care of them keeping the above tips in mind, it will last longer and you will look amazing!

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.