Top 5 Tricks to Get Designer Clothes in Your Wardrobe


Looking nice in designer’s clothes for a low price is what almost every woman and many men dream of. If you are one of us you’re probably having one problem – designer clothes are too expensive for you. Maybe you’re right, but what if I tell you how you can get designer clothes without spending a fortune?

There are a few tricks on buying affordable designer clothes that not every shopaholic knows. For the best success, you should collect discounts and coupons, shop in sales and try to shop in the outlets and second-hand stores or even rent clothes for special occasions

Those simple tips and tricks can help you to look like a Hollywood star whenever you want, but still not cross your budget limits. 

Use discounts and coupons 

Luxury clothes are no longer available only for rich people. Everybody can look like a million dollars even on the budget and without buying shockingly expensive purses, shoes and clothes. You only need to get coupons or discounts.

These days you can find coupons in local newspapers or you can sign up for mailing lists of stores you’re interested in and they will send you coupons directly from time to time. 

Many discounts, like the  namshi discount code, are available on the internet. Finding coupon codes and other promo offers you’re going to glow in your dream clothes and continue to take a breath away.  

Luckily we live in an era when we can find coupons for everything we need from home appliances to clothes and beauty products. 

Shop in designer outlets

Designer outlet stores are real gems, there you can find clothes you can pay even 50%, – 80% less than its regular price. Many of those stores are giving their offer online, so you can visit stores virtual if that’s more convenient for you. Savings can be huge if you do proper research.

The main difference between mall (regular) stores and outlet stores is in material quality. Outlets are selling products made of lower-quality material. But the difference is so insignificant that even the sharpest eye cannot tell it. 

Check online outlet stores many of them are offering discounts and promo codes which you can use. 

Buy on sales

If you’re a true shopaholic or one in the making, you already know how much money you can save buying on sales and how cool pieces of clothes you can find at affordable prices. There are two most common ways on how to buy clothes on sale:

  • Buy out of season

At the end of every season, stores are making sales for the current collection. Spring collection you’ll find on sale by the end of April. Summer sales usually begin at the end of July since stores are making space for fall collections. You can find fall articles on sale by the end of October and winter’s pieces will be at a lower price in February. Those are roughly predictions, it depends from store to store, but you got the point.

  • Holidays

On holidays people are spending more than usual on gifts for friends and family and clothes companies know that, so they lower prices and order people to buy more. Depending on culture, those days can be on different dates. Some universal dates are New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Black Friday.

Rent expensive clothes

You need to attend an occasion that requires a fancy look, but your wallet is a little bit thin at the moment and you don’t feel like spending your last money on clothes? No worries, there is a solution for that situation as well. 

These days many stores are renting expensive and trendy clothes for reasonable prices. You can even find online webshops specialized in renting designer pieces, and avoid leaving the comfort of your home. Your favorite brands can be just a few clicks away from you. Renting can be a good solution if you get bored easily with the same pieces of clothes or shoes and you always wear something new. 

Remember how many times you bought a dress and wore it just one time? Now you have a way to avoid it. The best thing is that many stores of this type are offering discounts for their regular customers, and you can easily become one of them, right?

Buy in a second hand shops

Nowadays awareness of material reuse is more present than ever. People are trying to give a second life to many things, and clothes and shoes are no exception. Even celebrities and influencers emphasize multiple usages of clothes. 

There are shops designated for designer clothes where you can find beautiful pieces for no price. Stores often repair, launder and improve items before selling them. The most sold items are purses, elegant dresses and accessories since those things don’t show a lot of wear. 

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.