Cool Weekend Outfit Ideas for Fashionistas


After that long work week, everyone cannot wait for the weekend. This is the time when we finally get to sleep in, have a nice cup of coffee out in the backyard and hang out with family and friends.

Besides indulging in such enjoyable activities, weekends are also perfect for experimenting with different fashion styles and taking a break from any dress code that you have to follow the other days of the week.

Whether you are headed to a casual drink date with your besties or a brunch with your family, there are numerous stylish outfits you can put together to look cool and chic over the weekend. The good news is you can mix and match different items and patterns to create the most amazing styles that will keep you comfy, cute and most of all, hassle-free.

If you need inspiration, check out these trendy outfit ideas that are perfect for the weekend.


Denim cutoffs with a graphic tee

If you are a businesswoman who wears pantsuits to work, then you probably can’t wait for the weekend to come to put on your favorite denim cut-offs. These bottoms are very comfy and can be paired up with any top style allowing you to create an outfit you can wear to every casual occasion.

Most fashionistas decide to combine them with a graphic tee that features a wicked design like the popular Not today Satan shirt. Such tees are great when you want to create an edgy look that will draw all eyes on you wherever you go.

Knee-length skirt and a cami

Weekends aren’t only reserved for going out with loved ones. In fact, it is the perfect time to run a few personal errands for which you didn’t have the time to finish over the week. In this case, you have the option of combining both chic and comfy, so you can complete your weekend chores in style.

One great outfit idea would be a knee-length skirt with a cami top. You can find this skirt type in many styles and then pair it with a cute tee to keep you breezy at all times. Complete the look with flat sandals and a matching crossbody bag.

A floral sundress

If you have been waiting for that brunch date with your closest ones over the weekend, then you may as well dress for it appropriately. This doesn’t need to be anything fancy or formal, but a cute floral sundress will simply do the work.

You can find this dress style in many lengths and prints, so make sure you choose the one you feel most comfortable in and which best represents your fashion taste. Complete the look with a pair of slide sandals and some round sunglasses and you are ready for your weekend brunch.

Cropped trousers and a blazer

Unfortunately, there may be times when you will have to work over the weekend which means you still can’t go in jeans and a tee. The good thing is you probably won’t need to wear your usual pantsuits, so a pair of cropped trousers and a comfy blazer will be the perfect option.

This type of bottoms is a great substitute for jeans as they are able to give off that sense of comfort and elegance at the same time. As for your top, go for a loose plain color shirt and a slouchy oversized blazer to keep up with the work’s classy dress code.


An elegant matching set

A fashion trend that has become very popular lately is the matching set. This outfit includes a crop top or a blouse with matching pants, shorts or a skirt which you can wear to any casual or formal event. So, if you are attending your best friends’ engagement party over the weekend, opting for an elegant matching set would be an excellent choice.

You can search for either a neutral color look or go for something more eye-catching like an airy metallic top-and-pants set. For your footwear, you can choose between fancy slides or high heel sandals which you can match with a leather belt bag.

Final thoughts

Although weekends are usually filled with relaxing and watching movies, there will be times when you will have to go out with friends or attend a formal event for which you must dress up. This doesn’t need to include wearing anything fancy, but something that will combine both style and comfort.

From graphic tees and sundresses to blazers and matching sets, there are endless creative outfits you can mix and match to put together flawless looks.

If you need help with this, borrow some of our ideas and embrace the weekend in style. 

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.