Essential Men’s Footwear: 8 Types of Shoes that Every Man Must Own

Types of shoes man must own

Shoes are the most loved resource each man appreciates a ton. Some are really excited and outgoing about dress shoes for men, no wonder they make an extraordinary assortment of them. The market offers a great assortment of types of shoes for men depending on seasons, colors, activities, age, and so forth. There are numerous mainstream brands offering trendy dress shoes for men. But are you aware that despite so many variants, there are eight types of shoes that are counted as essential men’s footwear? Yes and today we are here to help you select these 8 top styles for that perfect style of yours. 

Oxford Shoes

oxford style shoes

Oxford shoes standout in style due to their low heel and shut-binding framework. It’s this simple thing that gives them that very exceptional yet tasteful look, especially when they arrive as leather shoes for men. The Oxford shoes ought to be your go-to at whatever point you need to look elegant yet have an understatement and simplicity with decency to your look.

The Style Tips: Oxford shoes are one of the best dress shoes for men for a formal or semi-formal occasion. And just tanned and black Oxford shoes can manage your entire business or event wardrobe easily.

Monk Strap Shoes

Monk Strap Shoes

Monk Strap shoes began gaining extreme popularity in England’s mid-1900s and immediately turned into an indispensable piece of men’s dress shoes due to their extreme comfort, or being an in-between of loafers and sandals.  

The Style Tip: Single Monk Strap Shoes can be paired with anything in a man’s wardrobe and even pass off as business casual shoes for men. But the Double Monk-strap is for slightly formal occasions. While their third sibling the Triple Monk Strap is for those who love to be in public eye view and love to experiment with their styles.


Loafers for man

In the 1930s fishermen used to wear a slip-on style shoe like that of a sandal. These early Loafers got the attention of numerous men, all because of the comfort level to take them off and wear them on at the drop of the hat. And by the 1940s they became a rage, as people would want to wear just them when not dressed up for a formal gathering or event or snugness.

The Style Tip:Gone are the days when Loafers were not considered ideal for being men’s casual dress shoes; nowadays you can see even businessmen wear the same on a long day, due to their sheer comfort. Thus, wear them with pants, khakis, or even shorts in a business or informal environment.

Chukka Boots

Libertyzeno Chukka Boots

Having great sports and military history, the chukka boots have been the most popular form of leather shoes for men for the last 80 to 90 years. They have a distinctive style which is just ankle-high with a single piece leather upper with a two-part style, a thin yet durable leather sole, a rounded toe-box and two to three belts for a simple open lace. These have worn the test of times because these can be worn on any occasion, can be casual wear as well as a business meeting partner plus chukka boots suit any and every season and terrain. Thus, a must-have in every man’s shoe closet.

The Style Tip:  Club your Chukka Boots with a pair of jeans or chinos and a polo shirt – and see yourself getting heads turned. And if you are going out on a date, wear a sports jacket – it will give you that easy-going, approachable manly look! You can thank us later!

Brogue Shoes

brogue shoes

Like so many other dress shoes for men, Brogue too was crafted for a more utility purpose than a fashion statement. You will be surprised to know that the tiny holes in Brogues are no design, rather these were crafted in this manner to ensure that the muddy waters in a rainy Ireland must slip out of the shoe and keep the foot as less wet as possible. But today, the brogues are in high regard! And you must select dim earthy colored brogues for formal events and lighter brogues for relaxed days. Dark brogues work best with a suit yet don’t get out of hand and wear them to a dark tie occasion.

The Style Tip: The more broguing on the shoe, the less proper it is. Brogues as men’s brown dress shoes have always been in fashion inspiration

Derby Shoes

Derby Shoes for man

Derby shoes were designed for sports and leisure activities like hunting and derby in the 1800s. It was only in the 1900s that people looked at their style and started wearing them as a beyond-the-box fashion statement. The best thing about Derbies is that they look great with almost every man’s outfit.

The Style Tip:The Derby Shoes are a landmark in a smart yet aesthetic men’s wardrobe. Whether a pair of well-fitting perfect jeans or an elegantly tailored suit— derby shoes will serve you remarkably well, from the office to the dance floor, be it day or night or any season of the year.

Casual Shoes/ the Sneakers

Casual Shoes for man

Are you aware that the first SNEAKER was crafted in 1892 by the U.S. Elastic Company? It was then called the Tennis Shoe and not the Sneaker or Casual. Then how did it get the name? Well, it got the name during a publicity campaign where it was promoted as the quietest shoe! The shoe’s elastic, rubber sole was so noiseless, that you could sneak up behind a clueless individual. Thus the name sneakers!

The Style Tip: These are ideal as men’s casual dress shoes for indoors as well as outdoors and fall in the ungender category. A great companion for the summer and Rainy seasons, as they usually come in a washable format and in as many colors as you can imagine!

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea Boots for man

They are ankle-high and have no tie bands. The sides have a piece of versatile elastic, which reaches out to the highest point of the ankle enabling the Chelsea boots as easy take off shoes.  No wonder, Queen Victoria had the Chelsea boot made for her since she battled with ordinary boots in light of the fact that the tie-bands would regularly get trapped in her stirrups while riding. Originally named ‘Paddock boots’ they became Chelsea boots during the 1950s because they became incredibly mainstream at Chelsea in the UK.

The Style Tip: The comfort of wearing these boots and leather upper makes them so appealing that they go well even with jeans or a pair of trousers and even a matching suit.

In the event that you ask our stylist, he would consistently say that no fixed number of various types of shoes for men can ever be enough for somebody who loves to collect shoes and look the best all the time. In this manner, we have shared all that we could so it helps suit your needs as well as your pocket. So go on, plan an incredible assortment!

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.