7 Things You Need to Do to Get Ready for Hot Girl Summer


Temperatures are rising, Covid-19 restrictions are being lifted, and yes—hot girl summer is here. Just hearing the phrase can get you pumped for the exciting months ahead. But not so fast!

Before you dive into your sundresses and put on your strappy heels, take a minute for some housekeeping. Don’t worry, there’s almost no actual housekeeping. There are just a few things you should do to prepare for hot girl summer.

1.    Prep For Safe Sex

Admit it—whether you’re in a relationship or single, summertime can make you feel a little bit more frisky. This is why you need to figure out your boundaries before you go out.

If you’re hoping for some fun at a club, decide exactly how much fun you want to have beforehand. Do you see some time between the sheets in your future? Decide where those sheets are. You may be more comfortable hooking up in some places than others.

Once you’re rounding bases, you’ll want to know that your health bases are covered. Whether you’re dating around or in a relationship, you should use contraceptives. Condoms are a good start, but they’re not the only option.

Maybe it’s time to consider an alternative method of birth control. Take a beat to discuss concerns with your gyno, and get your wellness exam. Then you can just order birth control online. It’s easy, you can choose from different types, and it’s delivered right to your door. Your time prepping for hot girl summer is better spent somewhere other than a pharmacy line.

2.    Start Exercising Regularly

No need to workout twice a day or enter weightlifting competitions just to have a primo hot girl summer. Exercising regularly will improve your mood though. When your mood is great, your summer will be great. You should start exercising regularly not to look your best, but more importantly, to feel your best.

You can start small with outdoor walks. Then work your way up to full-body workouts. There are so many options. Incorporate weights, exercise different muscle groups, or add some cardio. Whatever you’d like!

Getting your heartrate up is good for you. So try to challenge yourself, but remember that the most important thing is staying active. As long as you’re consistent, you’re on track to have a hot girl summer.

3.    Clean Up Your Diet

In the winter it’s particularly difficult to say “no” to all the fatty goodness of junk food. Now that the sun is out and temperatures are higher, you can take stock of your diet. After all, you don’t want those winter habits to stick with you forever.

Just like with exercise, you can take a moderate approach to improve your diet. An incredibly restrictive one isn’t necessary for a hot girl summer. You don’t want to ruin your relationship with food while you’re trying to get healthy.

A good way to improve your dietary health without cutting out the things you love is by tracking your macronutrients. You can track your macronutrients, or “macros,” by writing down the foods you eat. You’ll mainly focus on four things: carbohydrates, fat, protein intake, and the calories in your food. First, you’ll want to find out what your intake of macros should be. Then you can log what you eat in apps that will calculate how you’re doing.

It’s almost too easy.

4.    Refresh Your Wardrobe

You can’t have a hot girl summer without the closet to match. Looking and feeling your best is about more than nutrition and exercise, it’s about expressing yourself. Clothes can be a big part of that.

Covid-19 kept a lot of people in sweatpants. They were great comfort clothes. However, they might have prevented you from noticing any fluctuation in weight and body type. So as the weather gets warmer, you’re probably in dire need of some new summer staples.

Treat yourself to items that are versatile and fit the new you. Pro tip: Try second-hand stores or online thrifting platforms. That way you can be kind to the planet and your wallet. You’ll want to have some spending money left over for the exciting summer ahead.

5.    Prioritize Skincare

Body, check. Clothes, check. Okay, now what about the face? Complexion and makeup are a huge part of the full hot girl look, and SPF is key in the summertime. It’s important that you take good care of your skin, and you’ll look good in the process.

Skincare Routine

If you don’t give your skincare routine the attention it deserves, you can end up with a number of problems. You could end up with acne, dry skin, oily skin, redness, and other skin problems if you’re not careful. To prepare for hot girl summer, you should build a skincare routine that’s right for you. Consider seeing an esthetician for expert advice.


If you’re refreshing your wardrobe, why not buy a few new makeup products while you’re at it? You should still stick to a budget, but now is the perfect time to add to your palette. Summertime is all about natural looks. Invest in a CC cream with SPF. Swap out lipstick for subtle lip glosses. Buy eyeshadow palettes with neutral, warm colors. Remember that your summer makeup should be different than your makeup for the rest of the year. After all, you’ll be under the bright light of the sun.

The Importance of SPF

Sunscreen is alwaysimportant, but the sun is strongest in the summertime. It’s absolutely essential that you wear SPF whenever you’re outside.

A lot of women forget to apply sunscreen to their faces because they think their makeup has them covered. Check your foundation label before you count on it for protection. It needs to be at least SPF 30. If it isn’t, invest in a high-quality sunscreen for your face to wear under your makeup.

6.    Get Organized

Work hard, play hard is the mentality many people will live by this summer. Yes, hot girl summer is all about having fun, but you’ll still want to earn that cash. But if you’re killing it on the clock, you can live it up while you’re off the clock.

It’s important to get organized so your performance at work is off the charts. Declutter your email and your computer files. It’s easier to get in a work groove if you’re not scrambling to find what you need.

Take this mentality home with you too. Getting organized will lessen your stress. It’s worth the effort since a stress-free life makes for a stress-free summer.

7.    Be Confident

Being confident is what hot girl summer is really all about. There’s no makeup product or outfit you can buy that’ll magically make you feel like you’re on top. This summer is about having self-confidence and being unapologetically yourself.

If you’ve been cooped up alone for the past year, now is the time to let yourself shine. Some people may find that it’s a little bit scary to reenter the world. If you’re one of them, remember that you can practice confidence. It’s just like anything else. And if you’ve got self-confidence, you’ll have a hot girl summer no matter what.

Hopefully, you’ve had some fun summers in the past. This one will be different. After all, can you say you’ve experienced one as a pandemic wanes? Summer 2021 has the potential to be amazing.

Reunions and vacations of all kinds are in the works. You’ll be able to flaunt your hot self like never before. So cover your bases. A little bit of prep is the best way to ensure you’ll get to enjoy these months to the fullest. Once you finish this tip list, you’ll be ready to have an amazing hot girl summer.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.