Top Paying Jobs To Consider If You Like Fashion, Design, And People


If you like fashion, design, and people you are most likely going to be interested in considering jobs that require you to have a sound vision, a love for bringing people together, good communication skills, an understanding of what other people like and value, a lot of self-awareness, and a good understanding of relationship and brand management. These positions have a wide range of options for salary, starting from around $18,000 to $139,000.

Thrift Store Employee

$27,000 is the average pay from $18,000 to $40,000. These positions range from assistants and cashiers to store managers. This position is a great way to give back to the local community as well as help contribute to recycling efforts. You will be able to see vintage clothes and understand their story as well as help people find a new use for the clothes.

Retail Associate

$31,824 is the average salary, ranging from $20,000 to $50,000. This salary is usually from your average local mall associate, getting commission sales and helping people find what looks best on them. This position is a great way to leverage your fashion and people skills helping to make sure people get the right clothes while helping the managers and inventory planners picking understand the market’s trends.

Depop Seller

Some Depop sellers are making up to $300,000 while some can make none. It depends on how fashion-forward and good you are at sourcing. You will quickly be able to tell how good you are. You can estimate making around $30,000, but you can go far beyond that. You get to communicate and grow your brand with different people. Still, you have to put in many hours for packaging and trying on clothes.

This is where the love for fashion comes into play since this is not a very scalable business model and requires individual attention to each garment you invest in. It is essentially a clothing business in which there are a lot of tips and tricks you can educate yourself on, on the internet. 

Stylist/Image Consultant

$30,000 is the average salary, ranging from $20,000 to $47,000. This job is a great way to build strong individual relationships with clients who need your help. If you mix an outstanding portfolio with great sales and relationship skills, you can land very good-paying clients. You will assist them in their everyday and special occasion wear, along with helping buy clothes for them. You can eventually branch your services out to interior design as well to increase revenue. You can also advance to an image consultant based on more professional clients ranging with a salary up to $137,000.

Art Gallery Associate

An assistant’s salary is $34,000 on average, a manager’s salary is $49,000 on average, and a director’s salary is $52,000 on average. You will constantly meet like-minded people who also enjoy art, design, and other creative outputs. 


$45,000 is the average salary, ranging from $23,000 to $88,000. You will be able to determine which styles look good for the shoot and how to fix them. You also need good people and relationship management skills in this job.

Fashion Buyer/Inventory Planner

$48,000 is the average salary, ranging from $25,000 to $93,000. A firm understanding of fashion and trends is key for buying the right supply of inventory for a store.


$51,652 is the average salary, ranging from $34,000 to $73,000. You will be able to constantly meet new people and try on new clothes.

Interior Designer/House Stager

$54,000 is the average salary, ranging from $38,000 to $79,000. Using your design skills, you can be paid to set up an aesthetic house staging for events or living based on the people attending.

Event Manager

$54,000 is the average salary, ranging from $36,000 to $83,000. You will be involved with events and planning them every day, putting you with people. Your people skills will give you a competitive advantage in relationship management, bringing a crowd, and having connections to make things happen. You will also be great at image management, presenting your brand in a certain way during these events. Having a firm grasp on fashion and design is crucial for image management.


$75,000 is the average salary, ranging from $42,000 to $139,000. This job is where you can demonstrate your knack for design, people skills, and creativity. A vision makes a good contractor and their ability to relay that vision to clients is something they are proud of.

Understanding what others think looks good and value gives you a competitive advantage in the field. Still, your success is based on experience in construction and engineering. After the base experience, you can take your passion, and you can enter into a higher paying position after getting a contractor license as an investment.


Overall, people who admire design, fashion, and people will love to create and show off that creation. As one can see from the options, that creation can be events, art, clothes, buildings, relationships, and designs. This vast amount of need for this desire leaves a wide array of options available for jobs, but still, with this desire, your pay is based more on your skill and drive in that niche.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.