Fashion for the Frivolous


Normalcy is returning throughout the United Kingdom, presenting civilians an opportunity to engage in social events at restaurants or casinos. It’s expected that society will flourish around fashion as we all start getting out and about, especially as UK clothing stores and London fashion boutiques sustain a surge of orders.

Males have focused on purchasing tuxedos for upcoming black-tie events, while others have concentrated on white-tie tuxedos. As such, fitters across Great Britain and Ireland have maxed their bookings for months in advance. That doesn’t mean our readers can’t create a suit by visiting clothing like Richard James, Marwood, or Hackett London.

Casino Attire

The collection of suits for black & white tie events at Richard James is exceptional. These outfits are stitched with high-quality materials, allowing men to feel professional and well-dressed when entering their local casino. There’s an essence similar to James Bond when consumers purchase a suit from Richard James, which averages £500.00 to £1,000.00.

Casinos that host full evening dress parties request that outfits comply with attire regulations, as it creates an appealing aesthetic for betting against dealers. It’s not exclusively brick & mortar casinos that offer themed evenings, as some online live casinos also request that formal clothing be worn. These dress codes are similar to James Bond’s attire, meaning players are required to wear:

  • Fitted Black Dress Coat.
  • Fitted Black Dress Pants.
  • White Tuxedo Dress Shirt.
  • White Vest & Bowtie.
  • Cuff Links & Shirt Studs.
  • Black Leather Oxford Shores.
  • Winged Dress Shirt Collars.

The suit pairing mentioned above focuses on white-tie events. However, that formality of clothing isn’t typically requested by land-based or live casinos. It’s more commonplace to host black-tie venues. It requires a similar attire but allows for alterations in the design, as suit jackets can become navy blue or burgundy instead of black. For an event requiring black-tie attire, casino visitors will need the following:

  • Black, Burgundy, or Navy-Blue Jacket.
  • Black, Burgundy, or Nav-Blue Trousers.
  • Button-Down White-Collar Shirt.
  • Optional Waistcoat.
  • Formal Dinner Shoes, Black or Navy-Blue.

Figuring Out Which Suit is Best

Determining the dress code for various social events is challenging for men. Most aren’t taught what clothing is required for specific scenarios. This doesn’t apply exclusively to restaurants or casinos but also weddings and festivals. The options we’ve listed above provide our readers with an introduction to the required clothing for high-class social evenings.

Dinner parties at Michelin star-ranked restaurants demand sophistication & seductiveness from their visitors, as the environment built around these premium eateries focuses on a sensual appeal. This allows for men following our clothing directives to feel like 007 James Bond when attending their reservations with an attractive woman.

It’s commonplace for men to question what fabricator is best for an upcoming social event. By selecting Richard James, the material quality is guaranteed to last a lifetime. The suit could cost £1,000.00, but our readers won’t ever have the fibres deteriorate, meaning it’ll have the same thread count and strength decades after being purchased.

We’re recommending our readers purchase the “Richard James Classic Sharkskin Suit” for £940.00. This suit provides the accommodations & qualities one would expect with an outfit worn by James Bond while having a silver-bearing aesthetic that makes this garment stand out from the rest.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.