Reverse Contrast Hair is the Hottest Hair Color Trend for Spring

Reverse Contrast Hair is the Hottest Hair Color Trend for Spring

Gradual transitions of color, from dark to light, have been a thing ever since we can remember. Yet, after a year in quarantine battling with massive root grow out, hairstylists have come up with a different idea. Inspired by Billie Eilish’s signature green roots, women have decided to dye their roots in a brighter shade than the rest of the hair. This dye job, also known as the reverse contrast hair, has become an instant hit for spring! If you want to stay on top of trends, we’ve gathered some cool ideas on how to embrace this look. Scroll down for some major reverse contrast hair inspo!

reverse contrast hair is the hottest hair color trend for spring
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Blonde roots and brunette ends – this seems like such an extravagant idea. Yet, this dye job is incredibly mesmerizing and creates a unique appearance. Despite the blending, there’s still a visible line where the two colors meet, which is what reverse contrast hair is all about!

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