Online Casino Cheats and How to Use Them


Casino players are always looking for the best ways to make the most out of their online casinos sessions. The urge to make more keeps pushing them to use every available strategy to cheat at the slots. The truth is that cheating at the casinos is not easy currently compared to the initial days when the casinos were accepting coins.

But the Swedish players always seek better ways of executing their mission despite better mechanisms put by the casinos. Most of them have also put stringent measures to curb such activities.

However, according to our gaming expert Dominic Andreasson (check his profile), cheating at online casinos could still be possible, considering that it happened in the earlier days. Read on to find out from his elaboration.

Is cheating possible at online casinos?

Cheating at the casino online sites requires sophisticated procedures like hacking the games themselves. But without lying, the casino sites’ mechanisms to protect them from such attempts are top-notch, hence keeping the hackers at bay.

However, some tech-savvies get better strategies to promote online casino cheats. The common attempt has been on bonuses and promotions. The hackers are keen on finding weak bonuses that allows them to spot the loopholes.

While this seems promising, casino online sites in Sweden like Betsafe are vigilant in every aspect, making them counter any threats. The majority of the people would be asking how to use cheats for casino game. If it happens, the players are always ready to utilise the bonus in winning more from the casinos.

What were the initial methods used?

Magnet Hack

The method was useful at the time of the mechanical slot machines. As the name suggests, it was one of the crazy ways players used to make more at the casinos. Players did not require a complex process to make the slot machines be in their services.

They only needed to pull the handle and use large magnets to stop reels on a winning combination. Alternatively, they would wait till a winning combination showed up. They would then place a magnet on the glass in front of the reels and pull the handle. In return, the magnet would lock the reels in place, and the players would get more wins. It was a method frequently used by the players.

The monkey’s paw

Those who know the story of the famous Tommy Glenn Carmichael will admit that he was the smartest gambler the world of gambling ever had. He created the monkey’s paw, which saw him mint huge sums of money from the casino slots.

He made it from a piece of pliable steel and resembled a paw. The name might make the invention seem funny, but it worked magic for Tommy Glenn. The player would push the monkey’s paw into the payout and up into the payout spout when using the device.

The process would be repeated till an audible clang was heard. Nothing would stop the coins from flowing freely when the machine spun, and the reels hit a winning combination. Whenever that happened, the player would receive a larger payout than expected.

YO-YO Hack

Yo-Yo hack was an amazing technique used by land-based casino players when gaming. Even though the strategy doesn’t work in the current machines, many players made huge sums with it.

It worked by tying a thin string around a coin before depositing it into a slot machine. The player would then pull the string to retrieve the coin from the machine. The current machines at the land-based casinos have put advanced mechanisms that prevent the strategy from working.

Making light

Do you know that lights are useful in confusing the slot sensors at the casinos? If you didn’t, then you have an idea now. That was experimented by the earlier gamers who discovered this method to rig the casinos.

The light was shined on the slot machine light sensors to confuse the machine. The players were specific on the light that kept track of the payouts because that was where their target was. After confusing the lights, they would make more than the expected payouts without the realization of the slots nor the operators.

The above confirms that cheating at the casinos was possible at the land-based casinos, unlike the online casinos that have put better barriers. However, online casinos must be on the lookout to prevent any attempts.

Written by Megan Taylor
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