7 Things To Do In Cyprus

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Cyprus is a wonderful island on the Mediterranean Sea. It’s an island of contrasts. You can one day be on the beach, relaxing and enjoying the water sports, and the next day you can head for the hills. From skiing, to mountain hiking, scuba diving, to sailing, and seeing the many ancient historical sites, there is a lot to see and do in Cyprus.

Many tourists of course visit the island for just a relaxing vacation and to get a gorgeous tan. Cyprus gets 300 days of sunshine in a year, after all. But I would prefer to see a bit of the island as well. It would be a pity if you spend a week in Cyprus without seeing the many attractions. I would do at least these 7 things when in Cyprus.

1. History

It’s a fascinating place for the history buffs. You will find many ancient ruins throughout the island. There are burial sites, castles, catacombs, prehistoric monuments, ancient baths, and medieval ruins. Visit the St. Hilarion and Kolossi castles, go to the Paphos Archaeological Park, see ancient Kourion and Salamis, the House of Dionysus. Many of these places are UNESCO Heritage listed. You may also want to visit the museums where you will find things that have been excavated.

To fully enjoy the beautiful surroundings and sights you need to ensure the quiet and pleasant stay in the country. These days coronavirus travel insurance cover will help you to feel more comfortable knowing that you are safe no matter what.

2. Spend time at the beach

Many tourists visit Cyprus just for its beaches. You will have 160 beaches to choose from, thanks to the island’s craggy shoreline. Fig Tree Bay, Nissi Beach, and Coral Bay are the best choices. They are all very scenic. Most beaches have clear water and white sand. Sunbeds and umbrellas are placed on the beach. There are restaurants, cafes, and bars. You can see turtles in some places, like the Coral Bay. You can do speed boat and banana boat rides. There is parasailing and kite surfing too.

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3. Visit the villages

Cyprus has many scenic cities. The villages too are very charming. Its where you can see the traditional lifestyles of the locals. Many villages are located high up in the Troodos Mountains and retain their medieval charm. Lofou, Kato-Drys, Lefkara, Fikardou, Lania, Omodos, Tochni, and Kakopetria are all wonderful.

You can see Venetian bridges and Sulphur springs in Kalopanayiotis. The Agios Ioannis Lampadistis Monastery is an UNESCO Heritage site. Omodos has many traditional thatched houses with red roofs and stone brick walls and cobblestoned streets. Try the homemade breads and wine here.

You can rent a villa in Cyprus in one of these villages to stay close to nature, learn about the customs and traditions of the locals, and see the many sites. Of course, you will find luxury villas in the cities too and also on the beachfront.

4. Food and wine

Halloumi cheese, tzatziki, ttavas, stuffed vine leaves, tomato salad, fresh bread, and a huge range of seafood preparations. Cyprus has a wonderful food and drinks scene that is often influenced by Greek, Turkish, and other practices. The produce is always fresh – they come from the many fruit and olive trees and the vegetables grown in the Troodos. You will find continental, French, Italian, American, and other cuisines too. But focus on the traditional flavors of the island in the many tavernas.

Wine tourism is picking up in Cyprus as the island offers many top wines. Attend the wine festival at Omodos village. Many wineries are located close to the city of Paphos and other places. You can visit one of them to see how they make the wines.

5. Diving

There are also many underwater attractions around the island. The MS Zenobia shipwreck is very close to the city of Larnaca. It is very impressive. You have chance to see a lot of marine life. There are other sites too for both beginner and advanced divers. You will find many dive centers offering PADI courses.

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6. Hiking

The Cape Greco region in the southeastern Cyprus is the best place for hiking and cycling. It is a forest park with 9 nature trails, gorgeous sea views, stone arches, and a few camping sites. There is also a picnic area in the park. The trails go through juniper forests along the cliffs. You will find sea caves too along the coast. Pirates used to hide their treasure in these caves and their tunnels. You can also do cliff jumping here.

7. Adventure

The Avakas gorge is a beautiful 7-kilometer long trail between limestone walls that go up to 30 meters. Walk this trail to admire the rock formations. You will also find diverse fauna and flora. The gorge is very close to the city of Paphos. Cyprus also offers skiing in the winter in the Troodos Mountains.

Written by Megan Taylor
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