The Rainbow Hair Trend is Here to Add Some Color in the Pandemic World

The Rainbow Hair Trend is Here to Add Some Color in the Pandemic World

While spring usually brings all the vibrant hues back in style, this year we’re hitting a new level with the latest trends. The pandemic has made us leave out everything ordinary and lead with our adventurous spirit instead. The stunningly beautiful rainbow hair is the newest hit that has left everyone in awe. Along with the different colorways, there is a variety of techniques to achieve this chic look. For the ladies who want to add some excitement to their hairstyle, we gathered the most beautiful visuals of the rainbow hair trend. Scroll down and get inspired for your next trip to the salon!

the rainbow hair trend is here to add some color in the pandemic world
Photo By @taylorrae_hair/Instagram

Dye each strand in multiple shades to recreate this striking look. The mix of lighter colors on the top sections and darker on the ends creates a captivating contrast that will make you stand out. Additionally, this color scheme will create more movement and give you a voluminous appearance.

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Written by Ivana Steriova
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