Trendy Haircuts for Pets


Many people treat pets more like kids than domesticated animals, so it is not surprising they pay them so much attention. Someone inexperienced may believe that there is nothing complicated in getting a pet. However, choosing a suitable breed is just half the battle. To have a healthy and happy four-legged friend, you should devote some time to studying simply nourish cat food reviews to choose the right diet. You will have to spend some money on its toys to keep it entertained. You will have to devote time to its training to have a smart buddy who follows your rules. And it is not the full list of your upcoming responsibilities, especially if you want your pet to look stylish. For example, you may need some pet clothes to help your furry friend look posh and help it stay warm in a cold season. And, of course, it is worth remembering about grooming if your pet’s breed requires it. Talking about the latter, what are the main benefits of grooming?

Grooming advantages

Even though many people believe that grooming is a whim of a pet’s owner, and there is no actual need to do that, it is far from the case when it comes to many dog breeds. Unlike most cat breeds, which need only quality brushing, some dog breeds require serious grooming to stay healthy and look pleasantly. Besides, there are some other positive sides of making haircuts.

1. Keeping your furry friend cool

It happens that some dog breeds have been produced specifically for certain weather conditions, and when they find themselves in an unsuitable climate, they can suffer from excessive heat. Thus, grooming can help your four-legged friend handle the heat and keep cool in the warm seasons. Of course, many breeds naturally cast the coat, but some others cannot do without a helping hand. Besides, some breeds require trim all year round, for example, long-haired Yorkshire Terriers.

2. Keeping your furry friend comfortable

Aside from the health benefits, grooming can be about your pet’s comfort. You hardly want your pet to stumble over its own hair while you are playing or walking. Some breeds are prone to having tangles and mats in their fur that bring huge discomfort and even pain. And some others can have too long bangs that don’t allow them to see normally. Most people put their pet’s comfort first, that’s why they choose the best rated plastic dog crates, watch their diets and physical activity, so grooming is just one of the points on the list.

3. Keeping your furry friend stylish

You can make a basic (maybe a bit messy) trim or groom, almost saving the length. You can go to Pinterest to see a huge variety of trendy haircuts for your four-legged buddy and turn to a professional that will help highlight the unique features of your pet. And since you are here, let’s find out about stylish haircuts for different breeds.

Stylish haircuts for your pet

You should always base on your pet’s breed to get the best result possible. Different animals have different hair thickness and structure, so it is important to consider such peculiarities before grooming.

Yorkie haircut

Talking about breeds that deserve a place on the list of style hunters, Yorkies will occupy the first seat. Their fur allows you to turn your imagination to the fullest and create a wide variety of hairstyles. Nonetheless, some options are extremely popular nowadays. Thus, you can choose a “baby face haircut” or make a French braid on your pet’s back.

Poodle haircut

Poodles have always been considered fashionistas, especially in terms of various haircuts. The trend of recent years is the Asian style in grooming. It involves giving the dog a cartoonish look. Grooming is done so that the contours of the coat are soft, and the face is round. This haircut is more suitable for small dogs.

Miniature Schnauzer haircut

This breed has a thick and coarse coat that requires regular grooming. The fur color will be solid without a haircut, which does not meet breed standards. The hairs that have become longer than 5 cm die off, but they do not fall off due to some breed’s peculiarities. Therefore, these dogs need trimming in addition to a haircut. To make the pet’s hairstyle look more interesting, the masters suggest focusing on the bangs, making a mohawk. You can also experiment with clipping the fur on the face.

American Cocker Spaniel haircut

To make this breed look trendy, you should clip the hair on the head, face, the upper part of the ear, at the base of the neck, and on the tail. One can create the desired form on the body and paws. There are no special requirements, but the transition lines from short to long should be completely invisible. You can use thinning scissors to deal with the excess hair density.

Pomeranian Spitz haircut

This breed has straight hair and a dense undercoat, so it is possible to make pretty short haircuts in the summer to help a dog handle the heat. However, one should be double careful with such a type of grooming since you can face problems with natural hair growth if you damage its undercoat. Today, a Pomeranian teddy bear haircut takes a leading position. It is also called “Boo style” in honor of the Pomeranian on the web that has become a trendsetter.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.