9 Reasons Why You Need an Emotional Support Animal


What is an Emotional Support Animal?

An emotional support animal is defined as an animal that gives comfort and support for their owners. If you’re wondering whether an emotional support animal will help your situation, then this article will most likely give you a better idea of how they can help. 

Whether you have a hard time with mental illness, crowds, loneliness, stress or even companionship; there are many reasons you may need a support animal. It is a good idea to consult with a mental health professional, as an emotional support animal needs to be prescribed

Below we will cover 9 reasons why you might need an emotional support animal to help you cope with hard times.

#1 Panic Attacks 

If you suffer from panic attacks, a service animal could come in handy. When you have an emotional support animal, they are in tune with your emotions which in turn makes them great for a panic attack in its early stages and hopefully stops it from there. Personally, I have an emotional support animal and he is always right there anytime that I need him. 

My emotional support animal knows my mood and saves me from going deep in my panic attacks. Since bringing an emotional support animal in my life, I have noticed my panic attacks have been easier to manage; even when I get them, I noticed it’s not as often as they used to be. 

#2 Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

If you are suffering from PTSD then an emotional support animal could help get through the hard times. Having an emotional support animal can help to ease the stress and show love and comfort needed to get through the current traumas that are being faced. 

Another way an emotional support animal can help with PTSD is by encouraging his/her owner to be more active which helps stimulate the brain to get out of its “funk”. In my personal experience, I noticed my emotions; a support animal is always right there when I need him while having nightmares or flashbacks. He can feel my mood and knows when it’s tense, I need extra love. 

#3 Depression

Animals are great for lifting spirits. An emotional support animal can help with depression as a form of treatment. There are many different forms of depression and having an emotional support animal can help relieve some of the symptoms. As well as lifting spirits something that I have found to help with my depression is distractions. 

Having an emotional support animal can give distractions from caring for the animal whether it be walks, feeding or playtime. For my personal experience, having an emotional support animal right by my side through the hard times is what helps me get through the hard times in life. 

#4 Support While Flying

Traveling can be stressful but sometimes is unavoidable. An emotional support animal can be taken to airports to come on the place as support. Having an emotional support animal that can come when travel is needed can be beneficial for keeping the anxieties and stress away. 

As long as they are in a carrier the emotional support animal is able to fly with you. Most airlines make it easy to take an emotional support animal on board, but some have special requests for being early and having a crate for your animal. 

#5 Agoraphobia

Agoraphobia is defined as the fear of going outside of the comfort of one’s home. An emotional support animal can help with this by being a crutch to get through this fear. Having an emotional support animal accompanying a trip outside can make the owner feel more confident and calmer. 

Another great thing about an emotional support animal for agoraphobia is that you can take it to most place with you. Taking your emotional support animal out with you could make the trip easier and less fearful. 

#6 Consistent Companionship 

Emotional support animals give constant support and unconditional love. Having an emotional support dog if there are feelings of loneliness or abandonment it can be a great tool for coping with those feelings. 

Also, just having a forever friend by your side can get anyone through any rough patch in life. Personally, I feel comfort in knowing my dog will always be here for me no matter what life throws my way. He will always have my back and I am grateful for my emotional support animal. 

#7 Stress

An emotional support animal can be used to decrease stress levels. As with consistent companionship, an emotional support animal brings a sense of calm and secure. 

In my personal experience I’ve seen a decrease in stress from everyday problems because my emotional support animal is like a crutch that I use to keep my emotions higher. An emotional support animal generally can tell how their owner is feeling based on their emotions. This makes it great to stop the stress early on. 

#8 Gives a Sense of Purpose 

Having something to look forward to everyday can be a positive experience. With an emotional support animal, as any pet, need care and love and time. The time that is given to an emotional support animal is something that is a healthy distraction. 

This could be walking, mealtimes, vet visits, and plain old playtime. In my personal experience my emotional support animal makes me feel like I have something to look forward to everyday. We have our routine and we do it together every morning. 

#9 Safety

Having an emotional support animal can give a sense of safety when home or in public. They can be right by your side anytime in most places. I have a fear of someone breaking in, which can lead to lack of sleep. Having him there to bark and alert me gives me a piece of mind and I feel safer. 

An emotional support animal can be great for many tough areas in life. Just consult with a mental health professional to see if an emotional support animal is right for your current situation. Having an emotional support animal can be a huge benefit to someone’s life if they are struggling. 

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.