4 Men’s Shirt Trends to Look for in 2021


There are fewer items more fundamental to the male wardrobe than the shirt. While women have blouses, smocks, Cossacks and dresses at their disposal, men tend to stick to the standard upper body garment. (Though nothing is stopping them from dabbling in the garments mentioned above. Case in point: the new Vogue cover.)

Luckily, within the world of men’s shirts lies a lot of variety. Trends come and go (see the lumberjack shirt, which is making a protracted exit), but some staples remain. In this blog, let’s take a look at what you can expect men’s shirt trends to be in 2021.

Some of these are the expected offerings. Others are “retro” styles making a welcome comeback. They all share a few common elements: style, simplicity and quality.

The Minimalist Tee

Expect men’s fashion to pare back in 2021. If you must, chalk it up to the ongoing global pandemic and the subsequent dip in social gatherings. But the minimalist tee is about more than just simplicity for simplicity’s sake – it’s a sophisticated statement, a re-prioritization of comfort and an investment in quality over flashiness.

The best minimalist tees to look for are merino wool t-shirts. They drape well, insulate and breathe well and are aesthetically versatile. Plus, they are perfect for layering with a merino wool hoodie and bomber coat during the winter.

The Comfortable Button-Down for Work at Home

In bygone days, men were confined to stiff work shirts made of polyester or cotton. They were as comfortable as they were stylish – which is to say, not very.

In 2021, as more men work from home, expect there to be a paradigm shift toward comfortable button-downs at work. Again, merino wool leads the pack here; merino wool button-downs look like the semi-formal buttoned shirts men are used to, but they are infinitely more comfortable. Plus, they’re getting lots of great press.

Long-Sleeve Crewnecks for Spring

V-necks will continue to be around as long as men want to flaunt a little chest. But expect the crewneck to remain king in 2021.

Specifically, expect to see more long-sleeve crewnecks. Pairing the casual elements of a t-shirt (the material) with the more sophisticated aspects of a formal shirt (the full-length sleeve,) the long-sleeve crew neck is a Goldilocks style: just right.

The 00s Are Back in Style

The 80s made a comeback. Then the 90s made a comeback. You don’t need to be an oracle to make the next logical leap. Noughties fashion already started making a comeback in 2020, and you can count on that trend continuing throughout this year.

While some specific comebacks are unfortunate, some mark a welcome return. Athletic shirts and jerseys can stay. Popped golf-tee collars? No one’s quite ready for that yet.

Distilled into a single statement of purpose: 2021 men’s fashion will probably favor the simple, the sophisticated and the comfortable. Look for more merino wool, with its breath-ability and softness, to grace men’s wardrobes. And don’t be surprised if fashion-forward men dredge up the 00s this year.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.