The Essentials To Wear To Go Country Line Dancing


Looking the part is just as important as knowing what you’re doing when it comes to certain things. Country line dancing is one of them. Sure, you can wear whatever you like and nobody will say anything, but if you look like you belong on the dance floor, you’re likely to get more out of the experience.

Wearing just anything you grab out of the closet is like going to the Kentucky Derby with a baseball cap. It just wouldn’t be right. Not only that, but when you dress the part you really feel the vibe and can enjoy the experience that much more. If you want to be a Country Girl, you have to look and feel like a Country Girl!

With that in mind, you have to understand what your options are for a memorable night out line dancing on how you should dress.

In this article, I will go over several options for you to think about when you are out getting your new outfit.

The bottoms

What you wear as pants is going to be the most important decision when it comes to any dancing. You need a free range of movement and certain styles of pants will interfere with that.

Most women like to wear jeans when line dancing as it has exactly the right country style. They are also practical if you get the right kind. Many types are slim fitting but allow for movement and if you opt for cowboy boots then there are bootcut jeans for women that allow for space for them.

Luckily, there are not any instances when line dancing when you will be restricted by wearing regular jeans so you do have some options. Just make sure they are form fitting and not too loose or that they aren’t breathable.

You may want to opt for a skirt for even more maneuverability on the dancefloor. Obviously, spinning around may blow your skirt up so make sure that it is long enough or that you wear some kind of leggings or spandex shorts underneath.

You’ll see plenty of traditional skirts on the dancefloor and may want to show more of your personality with one of those than just regular jeans.

The top

The moves for a traditional country line dance are not complicated, but you will be moving constantly. This means that you’re going to break a sweat. With that in mind, make sure to wear a top that is loose and made out of material that wicks moisture away from your skin. This will keep you from overheating and keep you on the dancefloor for longer.

The traditional shirt to wear is a plaid flannel with some frills around the collar and cuffs. These can be quite heavy so look for some made out of modern material and try to avoid cotton. If you must, then wear a moisture wicking undershirt under it and I’ll repeat that it needs to be loose fitting.

Having a comfortable top that allows your skin to breath will keep you from looking sweaty as well as being uncomfortable. Clearly, sweating is normal and when you’re doing a workout, people expect it to happen. However, save yourself the self consciousness and wear comfortable clothing.

The shoes

The traditional shoe to wear is what the original cowboys and girls that created line dancing would wear. Namely, cowboy boots. These days, there are different types so even if you are not used to wearing the traditional ones you can find ones with square toes to give your feet more room for comfort. In fact, this type is highly recommended for line dancing even if you are used to wearing those narrow toe types.

Your feet won’t be nearly constricted with square toe boots and they won’t jam into the point when your foot stops.

More often than not, however, you will see women out there dancing in sneakers. This is the best option for a beginner. Cowboy boots need time to break in to be comfortable, so if you are new even the best ones will end up causing a lot of pain. Sneakers may not be traditional but you will be very comfortable in them.

Not to mention safer. Line dancing is usually done in a bar and towards the end of the night when the drinks are flowing freely, there is always one getting spilled. This can create a dangerous situation for anybody wearing boots so sneakers will give you some good slip protection.

Dancing shoes are also a good way to go. And there are many different types so you can certainly find the right style for you. They are custom designed for the rigors of dancing with the quick stops and banging heels so you’re sure to find the right fit with these.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.